Patch 10.21 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 Intro
1:41 Aphelios
7:18 Camille
9:50 Corki
1:42 Graves
13:27 Hecarim
15:38 Karma
25:58 Lee Sin
28:06 Nidalee
29:12 Pantheon
33:07 Samira
35:20 Trundle
37:39 Udyr
38:32 Nimbus Cloak

Patch notes:


24 thoughts on “Patch 10.21 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. Regarding Camille, if the buff lasts 4 seconds and that maths out to .4ish attacks lost. then in a real world setting you'll be losing 1 or 0 auto attacks in a midgame trade because of this nerf. or 1 – 2 attacks in an extended fight.

  2. Amazing, not only Karma got buff and nerf in same patch, but also both will be irrelevant for her gameplay and winrate.

    But after that seraphine reveal I'm not even surprised, that's just a continuation of plain idiocy from riot in this month.

  3. Camille nerf makes no sense. She's supposed to scale, her problem right now is her laning (with Grasp) is too good for her scaling, but they nerfed her mid/late-game.

    Re: Karma…the talk about design decisions was neat. But to be clear, Karma does have a level 16 spike, it's just not on her passive. Her Mantra-empowered abilities scale off Mantra's rank. They all have a 4th 'rank', so when you hit 16 and get 'rank 4' Mantra, those abilities become stronger (plus the Mantra cooldown itself goes down by 2 seconds).

  4. The pantheon change doesn't make any sense.This nerf weakens more of his solo lane than his support.If you wanna nerf pantheon support then increace the cooldown of his w 2 seconds at all ranks and decrease the cooldown of his q (first rank 2 seconds and the other ranks 0.5 seconds).You dont have to touch his damage numbers.

  5. I'd love to at least see Karma's Mantra RQ Damage get reduced vs Minions, so solo lane Karma can't "cheat" her waveclear as easily. And then to compensate Riot could partially go back on several of her pro-play focused Q nerfs. Like buffing the early Mana cost, cooldown and giving it mor AP ratio

  6. Regarding Lee Sin: With his now increased base AD, no more jungle items in S11 and the new Triforce having no mana, I'd be interested to see if Trinity Force Lee Sin is viable in S11

  7. Bro just realized the way Phreak uses his hands while he talks is EXACTLY like Phil Defranco and i will never be able to see Phreak the same ever again lol

  8. "To Every RIOT Employee That is Maybe Reading This".

    Get ur Head out of ur Ass.

    This is how to IMPROVE the game. (Not Save but Improve).

    People who verbal abuse. Can get banned, (If a Guy Flames Trollers/Inters he will get Banned)

    But if a Guy Trolls or Int's nothing happens.


    If you are tilted in a game because of some Idiot Jungler afk farming (Just an example pls dont hate me Jgl mains) then u can just AFK. Its WAY Safer to AFK the game than it is to play it.

    Because if You play the game. You will probably get Tilted and Flame the Dude. And end up getting Chat-Ban or Ban.

    BUT if You Just AFK, You will get a timer on your next Game(s). No Chat ban. (making it hard to communicate with your team. No underserved ban.

    So RIOT Apparently wants us to just AFK Rather than Flame an Inting idiot.


    We CAN'T "Mute" Someone from Inting (Obviously).

    BUT We can mute people who Verbal abuse.

    Riot should stop banning people for Verbal Abuse, AND Instead Ban People for Troll / Int.

    It wouldn't be that hard tbh.


    "Verbal abusers Punishments"

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    Second. "3 Games of Verbal Abuse" 25 Games Chat-Ban (With the 3 texts)

    Third. "3 Games of Verbal Abuse" 100 Games Chat-Ban (Without the 3 texts)

    Fourth. "2 Games of Verbal Abuse" 1000 Games Chat-Ban (Without the 3 texts)

    Fifth. "2 Games of Verbal Abuse" Permanent Chat-Ban (Without any texts) —- (And then you can Apply to get it Removed after Idk "3-6 Months" or so).

    The worst thing for a Flamer is not being able to write. (Talking from Experience)

    But people should also just learn to use their Mute button. It aint Fucking hard Dipshits.


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    God it felt Good to Come out with That.

    Good Night Everybody.


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