Patch 10.22 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 – Intro
2:47 – Champions
47:21 – tl;dr

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20 thoughts on “Patch 10.22 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. About Annie shield and reflected damage nerf – I have an idea how to fix the nerf:
    Instead of damage reflection for incoming autos shield should do damage upon breaking. Either to person who made last hit or to all enemies who damaged shielded person while the shield was up.

  2. The Brand R change is also insane for brush picks and solo kills if I'm understanding correctly. Before you would toss ult at a single target, it hits and fizzles. Now you should be able to guarantee it hits them over and over by being close!

  3. I played Annie support and giving 55% ms on e to an ally for 3 seconds (decaying) on a 6 second cooldown for 40 mana is pretty strong. She also uses the ms to get her stun off and set up gank well so she is a relevant support imo now. Dodging a skillshot with e, while also getting an aa-punishing shield to throw an auto procs 2 spelltheif if they aa you and you go positive for 40 mana only. The ap enchanter items also are working pretty well on her, mostly athene's because she charges the pool so easy and has a low cd shield at rank 9 and low mana costs if max e.


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