Patch 10.24 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 – Introduction
2:04 – Champions
40:28 – Items
1:25:48 – Miscellaneous
1:27:28 – tl;dr

Patch notes:


32 thoughts on “Patch 10.24 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. I actually think the "item sharpening" thing has already proven itself to be really bad for the game. The best users of items use them way too incredibly well, (nashors kayle, demonic embrace amumu) and everyone else who aren't those champs buy these items and kinda feel really bad. A lot of ADC's right now just have no mythic they want to buy, and that's just too bad for them I guess. "Everyone wants crit right? No? Well sucks to be you I guess" "and also crits are nerfed omegalol" Also also I play a lot of urgot and every mythic in the game feels trash on him. So that feels bad.

  2. In regards to serpent fang unless you are against a very very specific team when will you ever want extra shield damage over literally anything else

    Also, just to complain more, how do you even get mana on blitz anymore unless you're trolling with seraphs or buying frozen heart when its already a super niche item compared to randuins

  3. Riot nerfing Mordekaiser without any compensation buffs is really strange. He's already been pretty bad, but nerfing his main mythic (and each other mythic he could buy), his core item, Demonic Embrace, and a decent additional option, Nashors Tooth, without buffing him because of OTHER champs overperforming is such a shit feeling.

    I just want old Liandries back, it felt a lot better than Demonic Embrace.

  4. Yasuo and Yone were already 47% wr even with "broken" rageblade. Now they're F tier 41-42% wr while champs like Kayle and Kayn still run rampant at 55% wr with over 20% play rate. The argument being made is that his build path was too restrictive, but thats because the other options are absolute garbage. PLEASE FIX

  5. I'm in gold playing kayle. I was trying riftmaker nashors, but I wasn't feeling it so to say.
    I have started building tear with Kraken Slayer > Rageblade > Muramana and I'm having better results.

    Can someone explain why that may be, since I'm not super knowledgeable, and if that could work in higher elo

  6. The idea that true damage isn't anti-tank is hilarious to me. The ENTIRE POINT of true damage is that it ignores armor and MR. The more armor/MR the target has, the more valuable it becomes, and anyone who's ever seen a fed assassin/marksman melt through a 4k health cho/mundo knows that stacking health isn't what makes tanks tanky. Healing effects like lifesteal aside, a 3k health malphite stacking resistances will outlast a 4k health Alistair with none.

  7. I love that Varus breakdown, though you didn't even comment on the fact that hurricane means you can pop a lot more than 3 (4 on E, 5 with Rageblade) stacks with a single cast in a teamfight.


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