Patch 10.25 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 – Intro
3:43 – Anivia – Jhin
27:30 – Karthus – Nidalee
47:44 – Pantheon – Twitch
1:08:25 – Yasuo – Wukong
1:18:55 – Items
1:49:06 – tl;dr

Patch notes –


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  1. 1:03:32 lux and taliyah have VERY diferent playstyles, just look at their passives/W/ult, not a fair comparison imo, I would say that she's more akin to twisted fate, but her kit feels better in the jungle. I think that taliyah's W feels pretty clunky/hard to hit to most people as well, and it's her most important ability.

  2. I had a few instances in ARAM with the collector where I definitely brought them below 5% health, and I know I did because it showed the 9999 true damage execute, and then they walked away. Like, I don't think it always actually does any damage.

  3. No hate but how do you not notice Panth empowered E used to have longer duration xD

    No matter if you ever checked his abilities or not, you just know by looking at him… it's 67% more duration, you can't not notice it

  4. I really dislike Samira's change to her passive. Getting to extend 0.5s off of a specific (and relatively uncommon) type of CC makes for a bigger delta in effectiveness depending on her teammates.

    That kind of situational advantage is like those champions who have skewed winrates because they are typical counterpicks champions (or snowball/situational items like Dark Seal and Mejai's).

  5. [Wall of unsubstanciated ranting]

    imo one of the reasons Assassins feel so frustrating to play against is because they dont even suck in lane like they did in anchient times, they just feel like they are activated from lvl 2 and on.

    The dum thing about Samira from day 1 was that she just pasivly punishes you. Did you get CC'ed? Basicly auto punish, did you try to go in on her? basicly projectile Imunity. She is super counter intuitive to play against.

    Seraphine is a dum concept as a midlaner, She doesnt have a laning phase but a redicolous teamfight which makes you a non to negative factor for a decent chunk in the game. Also she gets stronger with a partner because thats what a solo laner looks for and she has low MS despite her supposed gameplay pattern is being a psuedo Asol/Taliya that shoves the wave and then rotates

    I suspect you dont max Talon Q against Ori because her counter trades and wave controll is a bit too strong for him so he wants more range power against her. personally i have been maxing W because it just feels more natural.

    I think its silly that Muramana simply does more than Seraphs, Its effect applies on both abillities AND Autos… and it has cdr. Seraphs gives Mana to champions who already build Mana Mythics. imo having auto attacking power is not properly respected by the item balancing.

    There is one thing i dont understand, how exactly am i supposed to rush Hourglass on a champion that build Mana Mythics, im punishing myself by not getting Lost Chapter as i cant fully use my kit without it. If an AD champion rushes Hexdrinker they arent being set back in the same way, so to me Armguard seems OP on non mana ap champions or AP assassins who dont build mana, but is much less so on manaborn mages.

    I really do feel like the Mana Mythics have the worst buildpaths out of all the Mythics. Lost chapter is good, arguably one of the strongest of the mythic main components, but that is both a blessing and a curse by nevermind that. Beyond that the buildpath is Trash, for Ludens/Everfrost it is Blasting wand which is 850g while there are mythics that allows you to buy cheap components that upgrade into better components like Warhammer or Vampyric, Liandries does have this in Codex and guess what it feels way better to build and Codex is imo objectivly stronger than Blasting wand without the added ease of build. non mana ap mythics have Ruby crystal which in a fight is gonna negate a blasting wand. also several mythics have 2.5-3 components rather than just 2… and then there is the elephant in the room, Ludens/everfrost has a massive 1250g combine cost(thats a Large Rod) and Liandries has a still huge 1200G combine cost but does at least have Codex… Why is this? why does Mana mages have to have a power trough between Lost Chapter and Mythic completion? mages are likely to build other stuff early as well like Dark Seal or Reusable potion as well… i dont get it. (sorry that chunk is a pain to read)

  6. Phreak could you please tell someone to have mercy on tryndamere… they buffed yasuo and yone but left trynd in the dirt. They nerfed his IE. They reverted the only real buff he was looking forward to in Kraken. Send help, we're dying

  7. The pantheon changes are hilarious. They think we're gonna stop playing him support, but don't realize that mortal will on Shield Vault is by far the best for support too.

    That, and Pantheon should try to pull the wave instead of have it shove to begin with. Walk up to a wave of a pantheon and you die. He's going to be so obnoxious.

  8. I think the Kayn nerfs actually hit both forms at least evenly, if not Rhaast harder. The cooldown nerf disproportionately effects Rhaast's playstyle. Where Assassin is coming in, Q'ing and E'ing once, ulting, and coming out with Q back off cooldown regardless, Rhaast has to stay in fights for much longer and is using Q consistently on cooldown. There are genuinely a lot of fights where Rhaast will just lose a full Q, not just delay the damage for a second or two like it would with Shadow Assassin.

    Definitely think it's mostly an early game base form nerf, either way.

  9. I honestly don't like the IE change. I know it's better for balance and easier but I liked the idea of sometimes buying it earlier when you're snowballing or on certain champs that could scale easier with crit dmg like jhin.

  10. 1:03:52 Why do you say Taliyah's JG winrate is 43% and mid winrate is 52.5%? You said Lolalytics for plat+ , right?
    Well i'm on Lolalytics for plat + , and it says Taliyah's JG winrate is 52.18%, Taliyah Mid winrate is 46.59%

    Sites like U.GG have Taliyah mid even worse winrates, at Diamond2 + being an abysmal 38% w/r

  11. there’s something i’ve always been curious about that i was wondering if you could investigate, and it’s an especially important question for average to low elo players such as myself, because if you watch any guide about how to improve one of the first things they’ll tell you is to minimize your champion pool, stop thinking about how to micro, start learning the game

    can a one-trick’s solo queue win rate on a champion be influenced or predicted within any reasonable margin by solo queue win rates overall, or in other words, can you actually lose just because of your champion selection? and how often?

    it’s an especially big question thinking in matters of degrees, because if correlation is negligible that’s one thing but if it isn’t then i would like to know how strong it is, and whether counter picks play the role that people anticipate, because my personal experience is that knowing the matchup better trumps any kind of draft cheese unless your opponent is another one trick pony

    assuming i’m reasonably competent on some patch, say i have a 53% win rate in 200 games of steady frozen champion state or whatever and the meta’s just been changing around my pick rather than experiencing any direct interventions, and then I see nerfs coming up to the stat line

    can I expect to map the change in solo queue win rate patch over patch to an approximate change in my personal win rate overall? because often when I listen to you going over these adjustments it just highlights how minute they are, i don’t think they make much of a difference in the metal leagues at all, my hypothesis is that changes to the way the map operates and the incentives and obstacles players encounter wrt securing minions and monsters are more impactful to any given champion’s win rate than their stats

    in other words, to use an example from the video, lee sin didn’t get nerfed in preseason eleven, there’s latent factors that explain why he’s in a bad spot that revolve around team compositions and farm — lethality and tank builds got adjustments, crit became essentially non viable, jungle resistances were standardized, broadening jungle rosters and making it easier for junglers to scale, and in particular, confrontational styles of play were nerfed with healing moved to gromp and scuttle crabs being weaker

    these aren’t lee sin changes, they’re the process by which players secure gold and convert it to advantage changing around him, and I think the best of the best lee sin main, going solely by the metric of how often an individual plays him, can adapt to a hostile meta and get back to their pre-patch win rate on their main role anywhere below mid diamond

    or at least that’s my theory

    i just have few ways of substantiating it unless i get pointed at a data set or a riot API key or something and spend a few hours trying to find out

  12. I really really really dislike the fact that most games tent to last short around 30mins now, and around 12-17 is where you get your first item, this game for an example you get your first item at 17min mark, finished the game with another not completed item.

    Most items have priority pathing, Cosmic drive Redemption, finished Morello, Thormail for example are mostly the 3rd item where 65% – 70% of games finish with 2.5 items now days….

    Which makes the diversity of item selection actually worse than before…………

    Far worse than before

  13. In the beginning you talked about the Mana changes and buffs at the begining of Preseason. Why was Taric not there. A lot of players have been complaining about it. We need to buy sapphires as first item now to play lane.


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