Patch 10.25b Rundown | League of Legends

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  1. I would have liked to see a different Galio nerf. The nerf is bigger when maxing W, which support Galios mosten often and most successfully do.
    But Midlane Galio was overperforming – not support. So targeting Q damage or just the early ranks of W would be a more balanced approach imo

  2. Hello Phreak, do you think having 2 runaan's [ base runaan's (10.25b version), upgraded runaan's (preseason version) ], making the players decide if they need the upgraded version right now or want the 3rd item ie huge powerspike, would be cool? Also i think having an item that can be upgraded when you have 6 items really fits the hypercarry fantasy.

  3. Phreak we appreciate you…seriously for years you've been such a source of information, humor and professionalism in the scene. I've always been a fan of you, just know that you and your family will be in my thoughts this holiday season🙏🏽♥️

  4. Hey phreak if you ever want someone to speak to feel free to msg me so we can set something up. I know its completely random but I do know how isolating covid can feel and I wanna help if I can. I would always love insight on teemo :p I'm a fan from Australia. Hope you feel better soon. Take care man

  5. What I want from Rell E is something much more intuitive than its current behaviour. This would bring it more in line with Taric's W behaviour:
    – No manual unbinding
    – If you mouse over an ally that is not bound, it always binds to them
    – If you are not bound to an ally then it binds to the one nearest your mouse
    – Otherwise, always cast the stun

    The behaviour of this ability is actually really complicated, and the fact that it differs between in and out of combat now makes it more difficult to learn. The above simplifies it a lot.

    One HUGE pain point right now:
    If you are bound to an ally and want to switch the bind to another ally that's near an enemy, pressing E will not switch targets – it will instead cast the stun on the first ally.

    The workaround to this was to cast E on yourself to detach from the previous ally, then press E on the ally that's near the enemy. This workaround is no longer possible with these QoL "improvements" (I think of them as complexity increases, quite frankly).


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