Patch 11.12 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Aphelios – Hecarim
18:57 – Illaoi – Nasus
29:51 – 30 minutes in! Renekton – Wukong
41:34 – Ziggs, Conclusion
49:29 – tl;dr

Patch notes:


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  1. I literally play league for like 8 years, and just recently this year i found out i can activate Varus' W… so yeah (i say i am like silver-gold elo)
    I literally watched pro play for like 4 years in all regions, and just found out from a Sneaky video LOL

  2. Don't try to make it fast. The specific and extended explanations help understand the changes and judge how big they are. I also love learning about game design and league mechanics!

  3. If it needs to be over an hour, please do it. I always love the numbers and hearing your thoughts and explanations. Appreciate the breakdown as always!

  4. I've always thought that Varus W should be activatable during Q charge. It feels much more natural to do, especially if you see an enemy champion take damage during your Q charge and suddenly realize that you want to activate your W to deal extra missing %hp. I feel like that's not a particular buff to the champion but would allow lots of players would activate W where they wouldn't have before.

  5. 40:00 I think the reason why so many low elo player don't use the W is also because you have to activate it prior to the Q cast. It just feels weird that way so if they allowed the players to activate the W during the Q cast I'm sure low elo player would use it more often.

  6. I respect that you love base stat changes, but I still loathe the method they’ve “balanced” Sylas. Playing a statistically inferior champion until you’re just baseline stronger than everything else doesn’t feel correct for really any champion but much less a gimmicky kit like Sylas’.

  7. I've been making an AP-to-Double chart for champions in a google sheet, but I ran into the issue of: What do you do about other ratios and scaling? It's simple to explain AP to Double when it's just AP scaling, but if it's also got a bonus AD ratio, a total AD ratio, or a level scaling (like Mord, etc.) do you include that in the calculation of how much AP you need to "double" the damage? Or do you just take the core base damage with no other scaling? Do you just use the base stats + growth assuming they only buy AP?

    Any help would be great, I can also share the repository I have so far if interested.

    (For example, including the level scaling on Mord's Q makes the AP to double way worse, but are you then making a version of his ability for different points in the game, or using the average or what?)
    (Some champions have amazing AP to double because the base damage is super low because it's intended to scale off both AP and AD, like Aphelios has some amazing AP to doubles but you're not intended to build Mage Aphelios, So if you don't count the AD it maybe gives a skewed perspective on mixed ratio champs? Again, help would be great.)

  8. They added additional Aphelios nerfs probably after @Phreak recorded this video. Would have been nice to see the numbers on them, the change seems like an overall power nerf instead of a buff.

  9. can you do something on ganking vs farm efficiency? for example at what % margin of success is a gank worth going for vs powerfarming, only ganking when you can't possibly be farming

  10. Aphelios mini-chakram nerf wasn't covered in this video. His overall damage output potential has been significantly been lowered to a state where he can't reliably 1v1 anyone without being ahead or without taking 'taste of blood' and 'ravenous hunter' secondary. :/

  11. Getting confused (mixed messages?) about why a champ is/isn't strong in elite/pro play. First, you say Pro is early-game skewed, but then you say (Rumble/Ziggs) isn't as good because they have bad AP ratios and don't scale as well. But then say high elo players know how to last hit and earn more gold than low elo. "15k on Kaisa is better than 15k on Ziggs" but also "pro play is early-game skewed"? o.O


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