Patch 11.21 Rundown | League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Akshan
2:19 Graves
6:43 Jinx
10:15 Karthus
14:57 Lux
23:00 Miss Fortune
27:01 Quinn
28:53 Sion
33:53 Teemo
35:15 Viego
36:41 Xayah
41:00 Goredrinker
47:43 Ironspike
52:48 Conqueror
53:55 Guardian
55:06 Health Shard
1:01:25 Ingenious Hunter
1:03:03 Ravenous Hunter

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30 thoughts on “Patch 11.21 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. Sion was my favorite champion after his overhaul and I considered him such a good pick for jungling. After people started playing him, I lost interest in him but damn, just as Phreak said, why the living hell are people building lethality on him instead of just building him as a tank with one offensive item like Titanic Hydra. His whole shtick is being disruptive and try to pick off whatever you can with your passive once people think you're no longer a menace. My favorite build in the past was full thank with a Frozen Mallet thrown in as a last item to kill people with his passive after I made a disruptive mess while alive…

  2. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of item diversity vs how diverse it feels. I think to champions like Singed where it's core to build Rylai on but it feels unique because most mages aren't building Rylai. I don't think that's necessarily unhealthy game design.

  3. graves is already weak to magic damage because he gets outranged by every mage in the game. nerfing graves MR = youre basically saying your team should automatically lose the game if the enemy team isnt playing an AD mid. i really dont see how his E giving armor and not magic resist implies he should be hard countered by mages? So i guess any of the 20+ characters who do percentage health damage should be countered by non-tanks? Like lee sin should be countered by squishies because he does percentage health damage? Really dubious logic here. compare graves to irelia, her engagement range, her ability to nullify burst with her W, her utility on her ulti. and you think he should have less MR than her? makes no sense

  4. everyone complains about teemos q being op and ruining adcs, but no one thinks that in team fights he will still explode, so basically he might get second q when caught or third in tf.

    BUT, teemo suport, some korean dude is probably already rank 1 with that even before patch

    E. i care about yes or no, what does it mean?
    oh yeah slighty mock someone's other patch revivew LUL

  5. I agree on the Sion hydra rant. Sion has been CRAZY with Hydra ever since they gave it the active that dealt a spike of damage. you could wombo combo your E Roar of the Slayer armor shred and then combo with a active and it would CRUSH all the non bruiser/tank champs. I also feel this way about Tahm Kench. Tahm Kench with Hydra and Tahm Kench WITHOUT hydra are two vastly different champions. Its like Aurelion Sol Rylais or Lichbane Fizz kind of night and day scenario. Its so insane how little so much of the playerbase actually explores the item pools until some invisible force gives them the "okay" to.

    I like investigating champion wiki and putting two and two together like Sorc Boots on Jhin (his E has insane scaling but deals magic damage. Sorc lets you ignore 18 of the 35 base MR most champs sit at which means your E can end up completely kneecapping a carry) or like how Rhaast has utterly insane %damage and scaling so you can go an Eclipse or Divine sunderer build and absolutely rip apart most frontlines or how Pantheons ridiculous passive pen and triple hit makes BoRK as a finishing item absolutely terrifying.

  6. Question, why do Goredrinker and Stridebreaker actives scale with Haste when no other item actives do so? It's a design choice that I'm confused by.
    Also, what about a mythic item that levels up. Like Stridebreaker at 1 heroic items gets it's slow increased, at 2 more damage, at it gets the dash back, etc.

  7. Why would you pick ravenous hunter in a karma lane for sustain? It literally gives you 1% omnivamp early. That’s laughably low. Especially compared to a dblade which gives 3%? I agree that sustain is way too high right now, but at this point I’d even struggle to even pick this on Cass.

  8. Hey Phreak, thanks so much for still putting in the crazy amount of effort it takes to make these while you're so swamped with worlds prep. These rundowns are honestly such a joy to watch every patch and it's an enormous highlight every 2 weeks for me to get to watch them and see a detailed breakdown of the changes while getting to hear interesting viewpoints on the different balance levers and philosophies that I hadn't considered before I started watching your videos.

  9. One problem with the attack speed take @ 17:00 is that you would have to massively rework and rebalance items. If Vayne had a base AS of 0.7 and enough level scaling to hit 1.0 at 18, she wouldn't need to buy that much attack speed compared to live before she caps out. Now theoretically, you could just raise the cap, but that also brings about problems with the fact that players are generally only able to click so many times per second, and the 2.5 cap represents that decently. If you change the cap, you greatly change who, as players, can "kite well" and the level of mechanical skill required to play ADC with a wide pool including on hit/high AS adcs.

  10. The 30 min remark about how nobody's randomly pulling out lethality sion randomly as a riven one trick… yeah can confirm it's not *nobody*. But in spite of me being a weirdo, I see your point and I probably agree with it.

  11. I like the idea of the Xayah changes trying to make max order changeable… but… I feel like it incentivizes HoB Lethality Xayah so hard. Just go HoB and rush Manamune and you just massively outperform crit. I'd be elated to be proved wrong on this cause I vastly prefer crit Xayah with high AS, but I fear caster Xayah is clearly the way to go now. Depending on how Q and E calculate Manamune procs it could be insane. If each individual feather on E and Q apply manamune…


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