Patch 11.6 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 – Intro
5:29 – Akali
19:13 Gnar – Urgot
32:22 – Volibear
41:47 – Xin Zhao
49:10 – Items
1:22:07 – Jungle, Summoners, Runes
1:30:08 – tl;dr

Patch Notes


34 thoughts on “Patch 11.6 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. Hey Phreak! What is your opinion on the ARAM Balance Changes? I personally don't like how some Champions who seem pretty okay (e.g. LB unless vs Full Tanks) are buffed absuredly ( +15% dmg dealt -15% dmg taken). Level 18 Akali without any Items deals ~770 dmg to Seraphine now (pre MR mitigation) with just her E.
    Akali is probably tankier (-20% dmg taken) now than most other champs (lots of tanks take increased dmg…) in ARAM while still dealing Tons of Dmg (+20% dmg dealt).

  2. in terms of design the Liandry's change is probably needed, it had way too much overlap with Ludens and was just generally better, now they do different things finaly

    but mages also lost their best damage item at the same time (eats salt sandwich)

    as for ludens… if i 1v1 someone with ahri thats a total of 3 seconds off with all my basic abilities and a futher 1,5 if i use my ult for dmg, that moves it from one proc per fight to maybe 2 procs per fight…
    yeah ludens active is still weak, i dont know why it was nerfed this season to begin with

  3. Hey phreak , what do you think of Hecarim MS into AD conversion nerf(from which chemtank , ghost, phase rush/predator get hit) instead of base dmg Q Nerf
    Or a mixture of both, because Tank Hecarim would be still good when his cool downs Are up on these Ms steroids items/runes.

  4. You can simplify the e.g. / i.e. distinction by simply giving the literal translation. They're both abbreviations of Latin phrases. e.g. = for example / i.e. = that is [to say].
    If you really to dress it up for people, e.g. implies there's other examples and i.e. implies this is the only example.

  5. Urgot will still be incredible after this patch, last patch they made stridebreaker -> e feel much better and made black cleaver an actually good item. As long as you don't get seduced by his nasty ad ratios you can build bruiser and be unkillable.

  6. Heya Phreak! I actually have a question this time that's been bugging me a lot, if you'd do me the honor of responding to me again.

    Is there a plan at all to make a tank/mage/fighter item that also has the shieldbreaker effect? Im not sure what the internal thoughts are on shields, but i feel they are WAY too strong if stacked, or even in some cases just normally from supports, and even if i were to build grievous wounds, it is hard to trigger since most of the time the healthbar barely goes below the 60% healing reduction debuff because the shields are taking the brunt of it.

    I feel like its sort of crappy that the only item that's made to counter that is an assassin item, and the other champ types get left to fend for themselves. (I'm aware it isn't assassins only that can buy it, but its very much so leaning towards them only being able to synergize with it). Id love to know your thoughts on it, and if there would be any plans to add those items, or at least look at how shielding is effecting the game. Thank you.

  7. Wouldn't it be better to get rid of the "Capped at X amount to monsters" per ability, and change it to "Monsters can't take more than X amount of damage per hit, or even in X amount of time" ?

  8. Do you still work for riot? Because some phrases sound like you talk about them being just the company and not your employer.
    If yes, in which company devision do you work?

  9. I.e means Id Est or Latin for “that is” which is interchangeable for specifically or namely. e.g means exemplia gratia or Latin for “for example.” You are correct though that e.g is better to use in that instance since it refers to multiple things. I.e is typically singular.

  10. only way to adress akali, remove the dumb as true stealth. remember when old akali actually had to chose between defense and offense in her rotation. W cost energy but gave you stealth for protection. this akali gets defense and offense bonus with some (mainly melee bruisers) not being able to hit back. that is why untill they adress that fucking w i will just perma bann akali

  11. Hey Phreak, love your passion for the game. Much appreciated work, I feel more confident playing the game after you help put numbers into perspective and how they relate to in game feeling and efficiencies. The best channel for being able to make your own assumptions about the game while hearing an experienced opinion on the matter

  12. Please Riot just a little bit more AP rations for Xin. Maybe have the passive go to the original 70% (even though that's probably overkill) and give the W like 20% AP on slash and 60% AP on thrust so that W is more relevant damage-wise for AP Xin.


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