Patch 11.8 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 Intro
4:27 Annie – Orianna
36:00 Rammus – Vladimir
58:36 Yorick – Zac
1:10:45 New Junglers
1:31:47 Item Changes
1:57:26 tl;dr

Patch notes –


21 thoughts on “Patch 11.8 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. having just tried morde i think the benefits are more so about how he feels now. He does slightly more to the buffs i think because those numbers are on the upper end of what the buffs have i think, i always overestimate buff health pools, but the main thing i like is i just walk up to raptors and press q and boom passive up, or when the krugs split my passive still goes. It's little things that save me a bit of time and give me a little more health here and there

  2. I don't know if Phreak intends this but I always go:
    1) TL;DR
    2) Skip to change that really interests me
    3) Math is cool
    4) Basically, treat his patch notes like a guide that isn't meant for any one viewer but can be used as a reference.
    5) Math ASMR podcast on the way to work

  3. After playing for a while I have to say that this is.. the worst patch we got in last 3 years, a proof that ppl working in balance team have to be fired. Because this is atrocity, abomination of a patch.

  4. Just a thing with the Rammus ult slow n damage. You should really use the old ult before taunting, but whilst in range during your Q. It made it much easier to catch them even if they flash since the slow has already stacked and Q is on such a low cooldown. Your worst case scenarios might be accurate, but they don't resemble the usual case even when your opponent has flash up.

  5. Rumble to me has just felt weird, cause you want liandries on him, but he doesnt use mana meaning you waste 1300 gold getting it, and night harvester nor protobelt are good mythics for him :/

  6. I was doing work while listening to this and I most say I though it was an 1h long video and ended up doing 2h because of me not realizing, so hey you baited me onto doing more work!


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