Patch 11.9 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 Intro
2:53 Diana – Hecarim
18:42 Heimerdinger – Lulu
31:58 Morgana – Xerath
46:26 Items
1:02:37 Miscellaneous
1:04:19 tl;dr

Patch notes:


23 thoughts on “Patch 11.9 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. I feel like Gragas shouldn't be a nuke machine with a ridiculous fast and unconditional CC as an ult. Like Orianna but basically with an ezbake version of the ult and a dash. He needs to be more fine-tuned for whatever he does that's unique, which is mostly disrupting teamfigts as a tank. And casks probably shouldn't hit like a truck, there I said it.

  2. tbh i am skeptical about wits end just bcz it has a huge chunk of mr atached to it
    don't get me wrong mr is good to have, generally around 45 to 60 ish feels good but anywhere in between feels really bad not having enough you still explode and having too much only works as long as they don't buy void staff otherwise it feels like u have 25 mr again even with a lot of mr

    since wits end has a huge chunk of it's cost on both AS that isn't aways amazing and MR that is only decent if u have some amount of health means the item will probably still not be as popular as old bork

  3. About Taric. As a main, he can be played in the Jungle. You can dual a lot of Junglers with PTA. Muramana is kinda cracked(100% bonus AS while passive is up). You can do GlacialChemtank stuff too. I think it can be a good flex too in pro in Jungle/Support because he can build Chemtank/Low-Econ and still be a useful jungler. There's a dude on Youtube/Twitch called Lightrocket2. HIS play/decision making specifically is a little sus at times, but if you just watch his early clears and maybe some fights, you should pick up what I'm putting down..

  4. I just want to say that I love what you do, Phreak! Even though I read the patch notes myself, I still come back to your rundowns because you always offer such great insight. You've been my favorite caster since season 4 and I hope the League scene will continue to be blessed by your presence for many years to come!

  5. Thankyou phreak for your dedication to the league of legends community , it must take a toll on you physically but you have my gratitude , you really have put so much time into leauge man it is un imaginable , thankyou for everthing , i even remember the nikosaur episodes :C too bad they are gone , anyways ty for it all phreak


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