Patch .12.10 Patch Notes & Tarkov TV Summary – Escape from Tarkov

Complete TarkovTV Live summary and Patch Notes breakdown to save you watching the entire cast! Check out all the new leaks and added info that I could include for your viewing pleasure!

Patch Notes –

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32 thoughts on “Patch .12.10 Patch Notes & Tarkov TV Summary – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. I hate having to kill other scavs. I tried to make friends and kill scav boss on Reserve with a group of guys and literally let them loot a guard after killing it and they shot me in the back…. People are scumbags.

  2. I’m wondering if that dislike is because they don’t like the changes or they’re angry about someone just trying to help and post a video about the updates… I love the internet.

  3. everyone hyped about streets but when you spawn in some dude is camping in room in one of 26 tall ass buildings and you are clueless how you died.

    basically woods but with buildings(example: sniper rocks everywhere) lol

  4. Curious on how they will look at scav on scav violence. I was running reserve and went to check a scav body on ground and got head eyes by player scav with shotgun at bear point blank range yes I should’ve listened longer but I never heard a single audio que for any sort of movement that was near the underground section near rail way

  5. After watching your Hardcore Series, I think it would be cool if you have to travel to the flea market with items in order to sell them or buy them. Involving a high risk for higher payouts for rare items.
    Thanks again for the great insights and explanations in this video!

  6. I think if they add eft to ps5 and there is aim assist I might have to say goodbye to this game but I highly doubt it will happen the ps5 would blow up because it can’t run it


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