Patch 12.2 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 – Intro
6:41 – Janna
20:37 – Lulu
21:34 – Nocturne
23:20 – Qiyana
24:47 – Rengar
26:08 – Samira
29:05 – Shen (Senna is in the tl;dr, I forgor 💀)
30:22 – Tahm Kench
37:08 – Talon
39:27 – Tristana
44:15 – Veigar
48:11 – Volibear
49:30 – Yasuo and Yone
52:25 – Zed
53:16 – Lich Bane
57:44 – Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
1:01:34 – Turbo Chemtank
1:03:04 – Dragons
1:09:33 – Lethal Tempo
1:12:56 – tl;dr – Patch notes


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  1. probably been posted, but infernal soul isnt even close to the lowest winrate soul. its 4th in most games (plat+) 3rd in Dia +, and in elite play its the highest winrate soul (Master+) so well yes in most play Chemtech and Hextech are the most oppressive, the better you get the worse those 2 souls get. just thought it was worth pointing out.

  2. 26:55
    I disagree because player behavior does exists,
    a bunch of those champions who had 48% isnt necessarily purely because they are weak, it could be players can easily throw the game on those champions more than the others, and on the flip side, some higher win rate champions doesnt mean they are strong, it could literally because players play those champions tend to focus more on closing the game or grouping better.
    Certain champions really do teach you to become a better player, in a better play pattern.

  3. Of course Riot immediately gives compensation buffs to the braindead windweeb cringe brothers, gotta keep them strong in order to sell more skins to their disgustingly spoiled playerbase. 🤮

  4. So I am curious, when you talk about people building a champ wrong or taking the wrong keystone, because the most common path has lower winrate than a lower pick one, do you consider that, the more common route will have more bad players taking it, since it gets recommended to them from whatever third party sites and therefor bringing the winrate down, while the less common path is only taken by more experienced players. So the most common build path might be just as effective or more so if you only look at the experienced players that take that path? I know there can be restrictions with what data you can get and just how much time you can look into each aspect, I was just curious if this is something you have already considered, and how you get around it with your data

  5. also removes a layer of "RNG" in terms of who randomly has time to find the newest OP thing the fastest within <48 hours after a patch drops to abuse in pro games.

  6. 1:08:08 The crowd control mattering more is definitely helped by the team comps being picked recently. The damage is still good with teammates proc'ing it as well but it slows down the enemy team and fights in general and almost feels like you have a front line tank in the game to help with all those damage/fighter comps.

  7. Honestly Veigar seems like he'd be a pretty solid botlane carry with the lower Baleful cooldown. Like, why not, right? Trades mobility and targeted dps for being a maniacal midget with A STUN CAGE. Plus Dark Matter would be way easier to hit champions with in lane alongside a proper support.

  8. Hey Phreak can you make a video about your recommended champions that are "sleeper OP" or champions that people are building wrong, the strongest champions rn in SoloQ, i've seen a lot of people spamming like Hecarim with turbochemtank + manamune, akali+turbochemtank, etc.. and people are sleeping on this, maybe there are more secret things in this patch notes, like the -400 gold buff rilays or something like that, btw awesome video as always 🙂

  9. I would like to know… How do you play against chem map when behind? It seems already so hard to play against enemy when behind because stepping in the jungle is threatening… But with the chem map, it feels even worse because you cannot ward. Playing in lanes only seems like a false solution. A lot of income in the jungle is lost if you do that. Hell, even when ahead, the chem map feels like you could just as well throw if you wander in there to get a camp. I'm curious of the strats needed to play on that map. And it's so often that soul in my games, I feel like it's a big factor. Sorry if my questions are weird, my english isn't amazing.

  10. A perspective on Seraphs relating to that cost tier argument you made about Rylais: part of the value of Seraph is that while in a perfect world you dont need all of the mana every fight, having a boatload more mana than someone with only Everfrost for instance allows you to potentially be on the map longer, allows you to shove waves faster because you can dump all your abilities without worrying as much about cost, and there's less chance of going oom in longer teamfights. If you try to match tempo on some mages, you'll arrive at fights with very low mana and spend the ends of fights unable to contribute because you're overly worried about the bar. Seraphs increases the ability to join in on fights you overwise might miss because you're in base or your team wouldn't take because they see you have no mana.

  11. Winrate Talk :

    The reason wind bros have such a low wr is because of high popularity, they are situational picks played in absolutely all situations by all type of players, but they're not bad. High popularity tends to bring lower winrate, its how it always has been and always will be. Take Kai'Sa, the AP build is insanely strong and got broken stats but her overall wr is MASSIVELY lowered because of her popularity, but Kai'sa is a very good champ atm.

    Winrate doesn't mean a thing in isolation, when you see that Yasuo is played in pro, the only times he got picked in pro was each time he was good, then Yeah Lethal tempo is getting nerfed so that's true but the argument of "low wr = bad champ" is just outright wrong.

    Later in the video, about Talon, same argument, same mistake, Talon is really hard to play, and when you check One trick winrate, its one of the highest out all champs in the game. (Compairing with other One Trick winrate of course).
    It's not much the pick being bad, but the majority of players picking him, playing badly. If Nunu is one of the best jungler winratewise, its because he's very simple to execute.

    Hearing about winrate argument over and over is very annoying because I know It's one of thing Riot check most but I really feel like It's a mistake at that point. Winrate only tell you that much, you can't take it in isolation to take some big conclusions like "Is Strong" "Is Weak". Sure Winrate is an important stat, and I love that you put now several Winrate mark around the game because that's more valuable, but Winrate never give you the full insight of whether a champ is strong or weak, you have to take into account popularity, play pattern and skill requirement a lot, when you're checking SOLO QUEUE winrate, that anyone can influence.

  12. I understand what he is saying about Samira and shieldbow interaction but… I also would like to see some compensation buffs to Aphelios. He was also hurt by shieldbow buffs

  13. challenge accepted
    you could buff Tristanas Range again

    anyways, those are exactly the changes i have been wanting for Lichbane, i thought it was so wierd that it got so assassin scewed when its a stable of Victor, Ahri, Zoey

    not sure how i feel about the Rylais changes, i like the item alot and i get that its buff in terms of gold spent, but on the other hand im not entirely sold on small mage items just yet

    Sona has been hurting for some visual maintanance

  14. Glossing over the Zed nerf saying they re nerfing him with a substantial nerf just to lower banrate as if that's ok. Dogshit silver players and silver enchanter adc mage redditors crying about a champ who hasnt been good since season 4 getting him nerfed when they only real issue is Riot enabling him to also jungle (a broken role that enables champs to farm for free unpunished below Challenger). Qiyana and Talon get jungle centric nerfs but zed tanks the nerf at a champion level instead of jungle centric MEANWHILE Corki and TF are 100% pick ban everywhere and even first picked blind and you nerf their counterpick that ALREADY nobody has the balls to play in pro and sub 48% w/r in soloQ always.

    Dogshit company.
    Biased balancing in favour of backline classes: ADC/Mage/Enchanter and balancing only based on what a subreddit complains about which is ENTIRELY comprised of enchanter, adc, mage and tank players.

    Dead game if it werent for the esport side. Nobody plays soloQ anymore and with good reason.

    Cant wait for Elden Ring, riot can suck a dick. This game is finished when Faker retires.

  15. Hi Phreak, in the EUW version of the patch we have a different version of Senna change " PASSIVE – ABSOLUTION

    NEW Innate – Senna's basic attacks now slow enemies by 20% (+6% per 100 AP) (+10% per 100 bonus AD) for 2 seconds". What is the actual change ?


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