Phantasm – Friday Night Funkin' (Chaos Nightmare) | Orchestral Cover

Orchestral Cover: Written and Orchestrated by JJ Molyneux

Original Piece and Melodies: Written by Biddle3
composer –

MIDI by: SKEECH’s midi library

image sauce –

Software used;
-FL Studio
-East West Composer Cloud
-reFX Nexus


24 thoughts on “Phantasm – Friday Night Funkin' (Chaos Nightmare) | Orchestral Cover”

  1. Ayo this slaps :0

    (( Idk if you've heard Fourth Wall, but it's from the Funkin at Freddy's mod and I'd think it'd sound really cool as an orchestral cover ))

  2. So I only just recently discovered this channel, but holy crap this and some of your other works are fan-fucking-tastic! You've got real talent my friend.

    From the looks of things, it seems you're on a bit of an FNF craze as of recent, so I'm unsure if this would even be a consideration for you, but that one new song that's been blowing up "A Family Guy" by Hayseed Here would be jawdropping to hear. Just a recommendation of course! Eager to see what you churn out next.


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