Phantom VS Vandal Radiant Mains // FINAL VERDICT

Valorant: Phantom VS Vandal Radiant Mains // FINAL VERDICT
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*Understanding comms & bottom right text* // This goes for all of our videos. You will notice the bottom right either has text or an image of the appropriate rank. This tells the viewers what COMMS they are listening to! For example if it’s Bronze red, you are listening to the Bronze team which is on the red-side. This helps you keep track while watching!

*Understanding Dynamic Nerfing & Game Balance* // This goes for all of our videos. You may realize that sometimes the 1 immortal or radiant has more money, shields, etc. Or the enemies have light shields, reduced economy, etc. This is why most of our videos are close matches. They are balanced to the teeth. This means rule-sets are set in place to create fair gameplay for everyone involved. Sometimes we do this “dynamically”. For example: Maybe a low ranked team would start with pistol only, then get a specter and light shield. After switching sides they maybe can full buy, etc, etc. This gives a sense of suspense to the video as the opposing team would slowly face an increasing challenge!

Phantom VS Vandal Radiant Mains // FINAL VERDICT
Phantom VS Vandal Radiant Mains // FINAL VERDICT
Phantom VS Vandal Radiant Mains // FINAL VERDICT

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32 thoughts on “Phantom VS Vandal Radiant Mains // FINAL VERDICT”

  1. ok no insult to the players but are they actually radiant? because the way they play is interesting, advise find better players for the next videos no insults to the player tho, there probably new radiant

  2. Tbh, Icebox is a very biased map for phantom because there are a lot of angles that are less than 20m and there are a few that are over 20m. If we had a Breeze game after this one it could be a more "balanced" Verdict. Im not very sided on which is better but I do love the phantom because of the skin I have on it.

  3. maybe you should amke a best of 3
    first map: phantom map (maybe like bind or ascent)

    second map: vandal map (breeze)

    third map: neutral (Ice box, haven)

  4. Tbh you can’t really determine an answer through a game and tbh there probably isn’t an answer to the question it really depends on the user and their playing style, how they use the gun, their aim etc. Typically the vandal is presumed as better because of the amount of damage it does and the fact its a one tap to the head but it doesn’t mean the phantom can’t deliver just as much or even better, it depends on the person and how comfortable they are on that weapon yk?

  5. Its all about your playstile and judging wich gun is better ju must let play both sides the 2 guns in other Rounds and do this on equal maps to come to a Resultat that is proven


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