Phase 6, Naxxramas and Shadowlands Dates ALL Confirmed!

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NAXX OUT!? Well.. it will be soon! Sooner rather than later at that. Within the past week both Shadowlands and Phase 6 are confirmed with dates.
A brand new expansion and the final phase for Classic in the space of 1 week though? Let’s talk about it!

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45 thoughts on “Phase 6, Naxxramas and Shadowlands Dates ALL Confirmed!”

  1. I don't get the rationale behind the dates, are Blizzard intending to woo Classic players back to retail here.

    These two releases should have been staggered as many are still working on getting materials for their T3 sets, Naxx is releasing earlier than it's timeline counterpart in Vanilla.

  2. tbh the main problem is people still till this day donot understand that there's more than 1 perspective to this issue, Player's perspective vs the company, player thinks they`ll do this and that, but tbh the way i see it, they have 1 week apart to actually "SEE" where the players are leaning towards…if lotta ppl stopped playing retail and went to classic "just because naxx was launched" then i bet TBC will show up earlier because they have the numbers…they know what people want, and its not hard for them to actually make TBC with whatever patches to be live within a week, the main problem is will they make it the way it fits every1? i mean i cleared everything in TBC and its best expansion i've seen so far, but will they pileup all the patches and make it easy or will they give patches slowly when people need it? will they fix stuff instead of using the lazy player words "nochanges"? please people dont do stupid stuff like "Nochanges" we need some changes that makes things better n challenging, like for example giving the mage table/lock health stone thing patch earlier is way better…list goes on.

  3. You are on crack if you think that TBC will be launching 6-7 months after Naxx. They haven't even announced TBC yet let alone even ready to launch or even Alpha/Beta. They would be stupid to do that anyways in my opinion but do not be surprised if it's a year and a half from now when we actually see it launch.

  4. Man I'm just scared of naxx release
    it's a week after shadowlands, and I'm meant to be raiding naxx and nathria. I'm not sure how I'll balance being ready for both tbh. I think naxx is too soon, my server didn't get aq open for a month so we haven't even had it available for 2 months yet

  5. I know my guild's going to be raiding Naxx quite a bit, since we're going to want the equipment so we can blast through TBC when it drops since T3 is just that useful. My ass is going to finishing leveling, though, since getting from 47 to 60 and getting a few new items afterwards will take that much time easily. 😛

  6. Did Naxx in vanilla and farmed the shit out of it in Wrath. Looking forward to TBC more than anything. The loot and specs are just better, which means better video game.

  7. Clearing Naxx is one goal.
    Getting Atiesh is another which extends the playtime quite a bit.
    Not to mention the gear. "But Bass!" I hear you say. "TBC will make that gear rather irrelevant". Well: True and false.
    Rings? Yeah. Wands? Not so much. You do not replace the Patchwork wand untill T5 content. The Mace from KT is also good up untill you hit T4 weapons with slots. The Healer mace does not get replaced untill Murmur Heroic. That is some VERY good milage.

    Naxx gear is essencially Pre-Hero best in slot gear for TBC! With that in mind: people will DEFINATELY clear naxx more often to get an advantage in TBC … or to curbstomp people in PvP.

  8. I can assure you the top end guilds are gonna try to keep the event alive as long as possible, to farm the new weapon oils, which u can get without getting a count towards how many is closed.

  9. I don't think you'll get many players returning for Naxx. The lack of gear catch up mechanics and the unwillingness of guilds to take on players not dedicated to the game is a big barrier to re-entry. I doubt many people will come back just to play tag wars over some undead mobs either.

  10. i dont get it… ppl asking for wow classic… now ppl asking for TBC. do ppl notice that the end game is exactly the same as in "not classic"? i mean, in 5 years they will be playing pandaria again…

    inb4 when current expansion is n15, classic expansion is shadowlands… ppl asking for a "wow classic" classic


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