PHOENIX – ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza // WORLDS 2019 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (REACTION)


Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 – League of Legends
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0:00 Intro
1:27 Reaction
4:44 Outro

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15 thoughts on “PHOENIX – ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza // WORLDS 2019 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (REACTION)”

  1. after arcane a lot of the inner demon imagery jus reminds me of jinx lmao but other than that i rly like this song, not as hype yes but still really good

  2. Love your reactions as always ! This is such a powerful song. Also the Ice Lady is Lissandra, one of my fave characters from the game <3 Already recommended it, but you are gonna love the star guardians videos, specially Light and Shadow. Love you guys <3 !

  3. Players & Characters
    1:34 Rookie turning into Lissandra (1:41)
    1:51 Caps turning into Irelia (1:57)
    2:04 Faker turning into Karma (2:09)
    The players are all from different Lol e-sport teams.

    Phoenix is set in an alternate universe rather than Runeterra and got no specific storyline like most other videos (like "Legends never die" or "RISE").

    The music revolves around the three Midlaner stars (midlane is one of the 5 positions you can choose to play in a game of LoL): Caps, Faker and Rookie and the idea of using one's greatest challenges and defeats to become stronger. What becomes even more apparent in the video is that the biggest challenge for many players is probably within themselves.

    Throughout the video, each champion is faced with a doppelganger that resembles each player's doubt:
    For Caps, his doubt likely represents his defeat in the 2018 World Cup final.

    For Faker, his doubt perhaps represents his loss in the 2017 Worlds final, his disastrous 2018 and his loss in the 2019 MSI semifinals.

    For Rookie, this likely refers to his loss in the MSI semifinals, which severely weakened the team in the summer segment.

    Despite the difficulties, each player manages to "shatter their doubts" and get up before heading to the Summoner's Cup (which you see at the end), which is the World Championship!

  4. Rookie's Lissandra – 2015 World's in EU, IG finished last in their groups, defeated by FNC, AHQ, and C9(posters in the subway), one of the "easiest" groups back then. His beautiful Lissandra performance won their last game vs C9, but it was filled with desperate, regret, and shame. It was LPL's worst year ever and he received A LOT of hate comments together with every other LPL player. The "genius mid"- GodV from 1st seed LGD changed his ID then finally retired afterwards due to the never-ending storm of hate comments. It was Rookie's 1st season in the LPL and it was the start of his 3yr disappearance from the world stage – the lowest moment in his career.

    2018 World's quarterfinals, 3rd game vs KT Rolster, he failed to defend the base and IG lost the game by 2 autos on the Nexus.

    Caps' Irelia – 2018 World's FNC lost to IG, he went 0-4 then 1-6 on one of his best champ Irelia, and FNC got completely destroyed in the next two games as well. We all knew how confident Caps had been in the tournament and he did flex on various midlaners before the final, so it was huge destruction for him.

    Faker's Karma – 2017 World's SKT lost to SSG, in that ardent sensor meta, he picked Karma to fully support Bang. Being 0-2 but 4 drakes ahead in game 3, there was still hope for SKT. However, in the last fight, his misposition got caught by Ruler's Varus Flash+R and lost the game, and that is one of the direct reasons why he cried at the end. Now that he is back in the spotlight again, and he knows that there's only one enemy to him – the one watching behind the media crowd.

    These are the monsters in their heads. They need to fight these bad memories to become the real King this year!

  5. This song is about "don't be toxic". Players fight themselvs bc they lose using this characters in turnament.
    U must fight with your "darkside" and then u will be winning.


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