Play Call of Duty Cold War for Free Now on PS4/PS5

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36 thoughts on “Play Call of Duty Cold War for Free Now on PS4/PS5”

  1. Im a Cod boy and i haven’t bought CW as of yet, i always wait till Christmas to play cod when they fix the initial bugs after launch but from the looks of it, CW looks waaay better than BO4, that game blows 😁

  2. For everyone trying to find the PS4 download:

    In the PlayStation Store find and select the standard PS4 edition (Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Standard Edition). From there press down on the dpad or analogue stick until you reach the 'Demos' section, you should then see the 'Free Access' download link 👍

  3. Guys im on Playstation 4 and it said I needed Playstation plus to get it and I already have cold war… I need help and I tried to get the demo to see if it works and nothing..!


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