PLAYING BACK 4 BLOOD IN VR // Back 4 Blood Alpha Gameplay PC // Will it VR?

Welcome to the Left 4 Dead 3 alpha, sorry, I mean Back 4 Blood alpha, I don’t know why I keep getting those two confused… Back 4 Blood is the latest zombie filled effort from Turtle Rock Studios and I was lucky enough to get hold of an invite to the closed Back 4 Blood alpha. At first I was just going to share some flatscreen Back 4 Blood gameplay with you all but then I realised this game is built on Unreal Engine 4, so surely Vorpx would work! I fired it up using the Conarium profile and here we are, Back 4 Blood in VR is a real thing, for now, and slaying zombies has never felt so fresh.

The Back 4 Blood alpha is live and gamers all over the world are getting their first taste of Left 4 Dead 3 (come on now, Back 4 Blood Left 4 Dead 3… it’s practically the same thing). From Turtle Rock studios comes a game that isn’t quite Left 4 Dead 3 but it retains all the things that made the original L4D games so great whilst building in fantastic new levels of depth & strategy. Despite this Back 4 Blood gameplay being captured from the Back 4 Blood alpha it still looks & plays really well which got me thinking… Will it VR?! Back 4 Blood in VR works pretty well considering it’s only an alpha & gives me hope that the full release will be one of Vorpx best games alongside Left 4 Dead 2. So lets dive in and check out some Back 4 Blood VR gameplay / Back 4 Blood Vorpx gameplay in this installment of Will it VR.

This Back 4 Blood PC gameplay was captured from the alpha and uses a Vorpx profile & Oculus Rift S headset to achieve a VR simulation/representation of the game. Back 4 Blood virtual reality is not a native option and even the Vorpx profile may not work at launch (it all depends on the anticheat software used by Turtle Rock in the finished product) for now we can play the Alpha in VR with Geometry 3D, headtracking and a smooth framerate.

* As always this Back 4 Blood VR gameplay / Back 4 Blood alpha gameplay in VR was made possible thanks to Vorpx (a paid piece of softare) and my Oculus Rift S headset, any issues, glitches or anomalies in the video are a result of the game being in Alpha & may be a result of Vorpx running alongside this work in progress title *

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