Potential DARK side Halo Infinite live service foreshadowed by 343 high level update…

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27 thoughts on “Potential DARK side Halo Infinite live service foreshadowed by 343 high level update…”

  1. Sean W I'm writing this comment because I found some interesting things in the trailer of halo infinite, simple nitpicks but interesting none the less, that I want to show you. If there is a way I could explain all the small things I found like 3rd person shield flare and recharge animations which I think personally look awesome or certain things like the return of clamber and interesting areas of the base he blitzed through but missed 90% of the engagements by driving passed it all. Is there a way I can show you these things and talk about them perhaps through discord voice chat or something.

    It's good seeing you at work talk about these high level updates I was right about you being big league with Halo follower and Hiddenxperia. Also it's great to see you charging through YouTube and making a good name for yourself. Youay have forgotten but I've been around since 4k and I'm proud of you. You done a fantastic job getting out important information which even I've been blown away by.

    I hope you are doing very well and I pray the days ahead of you are bigger and better than ever before. I see you becoming big… Really big. You'll be a voice for the community that 343 will listen to.

    God Bless you and your future

  2. I do hope they don’t take what the masses want into consideration. I play halo for halo, even 4 and 5 I prefer hell of a lot more than any other shooter, including call of duty. Halos diminishing population is due only having 5+ year old games to refer to and the updates to halo 5 were cut too short.
    If they go with the masses, fine, make the game shitter and kill it. It’s not like they’ve shown their care for the fans over the last decade anyway.

  3. I mean based on what 343 and Klobrile have said as well as the capabilities of their new engine, It's possible that we'd get multiple versions of the game. Since it'll be easier to add in new features post launch, we might get both modern and legacy multiplier modes that are able to be sustained with new their own dev made maps and updates.

    Add in the fact that this game has hella resources and should have enough players to sustain a split player base, I'd say it's feasible

  4. Yeah its unfortunate that most people are just playing the newest shooter that came out recently

    meanwhile I'm specifically playing and potentially staying with Halo Infinite because I'm a Halo fan

    …I hope

  5. I don’t think this is as big of a deal as you’re making it. I personally believe 343 truly cares about its fan base as it has been actively trying since 2016 to rebuild Halo. I was at first thinking the same way you did when I heard that ninja was going to be paid to stream Halo Infinite, but you should see this as a good thing. I highly doubt they’re going to change everything about halo’s multiplayer, when they originally did that, the game series almost never recovered from it. I dont think they’re going to remove weapons like Epic does with fortnite, rather tuning them. Not too mention what’s going to stop halo from burning out like Apex and Fortnite have? Don’t get me wrong they’re still very popular games but no where as near as they once were. And I can see them doing something like the MCC seasons, when they’re available even after a new one is started. Yes, we’re going to get millions of new faces trying out Halo, but you should see this as a good thing. This is giving us a chance to rebuild this once great franchise into something amazing, maybe even surpassing the bungie days? I’m personally excited to see what the future holds for this franchise and hopefully it will grow like it once was.
    (P.S. great video! Keep up the good work!)

  6. Look how much the hardcore COD community hated modern warfare because it changed so much. Yet it is one of the best selling call of duty games ever do to new players. This will absolutely happen to Halo 100%

  7. I was afraid of this happening. After what 343i did with Halo 5's weapons in the last update I started to worry about Infinite. Nerfing weapons for casual players who most likely won't even be playing the game 6+ months in is a slap in the face to the hardcore fanbase. I really hate when companies cater to noobs.

  8. Bruh that’s an excellent video, and a scary thought. I guess 343i should know after a decade of making Halo what makes a good Halo game. Maybe this data will be used to change microtransactions and not actual gameplay mechanics.


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