Predator Ranked But With Legal Aimbot (Apex Legends Season 11)

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i’m so happy storm point is over. Worlds edge ranked split videos soon in apex legends season 11 🙂

Best Controller Settings In Season 11! (Apex Legends Escape):

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22 thoughts on “Predator Ranked But With Legal Aimbot (Apex Legends Season 11)”

  1. Hi I have a question.
    I'm not really good at Apex. The problem is I'm lvl 500 with 1000+ hours gametime. I try to improve my aim every day, but I still suck. I'm missing more than 50% of my shoots. That is really annoying becouse I have this problem in every game. Do you know how to improve and how get you so good in the game.(sry for my bad English)
    Nice video BTW. 🙂


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