Pro Players React To The Downfall of Apex Legends

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26 thoughts on “Pro Players React To The Downfall of Apex Legends”

  1. Every one is acting surprised but I remember when they had a interview with Vince and they asked him what was the future of apex and he said I don't know we'll see. This confirms on why he said thst

  2. A lot of y’all seem to think that EA is the main culprit of every single bad thing that has happened to the game when it’s not, it’s more like a 50/50 between EA and Respawn on how poorly they have handled this game. Lets not forget that Respawn once called the entire Apex community “a bunch of Freeloaders”, EA is garbage that’s basically a fact at this point but Respawn is also getting there with how pathetic and slow they are on there biggest money maker.

  3. I STRONGLY disagree with naughty here. Everyone knows EA is shitty but you can’t absolve Respawn of all responsibility. Especially given how awful multiple Respawn devs have been in responding to criticism and the braindead decisions they’ve made.

  4. Im an og player and when the pros come the complaining comes its always the same… the game has a solid community of causal players then it blocs up and 2 mhonts later all the streamers l'ose ther shit for whatever
    Next thing you know all the youtube thumbnails say :apex is dying/dead
    And most of the casuals leave because its no longer "cool" to play , just like fortnite.

  5. These people who act like respawn is some innocent bystander to their own game are crazy. They are just as responsible if not more responsible for the issues than ea. people are just so scared of calling them out on it cuz of the whole feel bad for the devs bs that was going on


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