Who Needs a PS5 When You Can Have THIS…

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2020 has been all about the PS5 and Xbox Series X but what if you wanted to build something even better? That’s what Gigabyte was aiming to do when they …


49 thoughts on “Who Needs a PS5 When You Can Have THIS…”

  1. lol. what kind of shitty and lazy marketing is this? console killer? no shit. every barely midrange pc is a console killer. a real console killer would be a pc, monitor, mouse and keyboard all in one bundle for the price of a console with at least equal computing power. this is just a pc.

  2. how is it a console killer if just the gpu costs as much as the new gen consoles
    a console killer would be a pc for roughly the same price as a console with the same or better performance

  3. if it wasn't for PlayStation exclusives I'll save money and definitely get a high end gaming PC because its way more powerful and versatile, but damn Sony 1st party studios make some of the best games in the market.

  4. Ever tried to start and use Windows with a game controller? Impossible! You can play games with the PC hooked up to your TV while sitting on your couch holding the controller,, yes, but you can’t start them.


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