PS5 backwards compatibility

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Is PS5 backward compatibility the reason for PS3 store closing?

The PS3 store closing news is something that is being misunderstood and in some cases misrepresented. Any PS3 store 2021 news should be carefully analyzed given the store itself is so old, but also because so many people have a full PS3 library still today. Especially any of the PS3 store free games.

A recent report came out stating that the PlayStation Store for Sony’s PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation Portable will close for good this summer. This will make digital copies of games for those platforms unavailable for purchase from that point on. While rumors are circling about the PS5 getting full backwards compatibility to help with this, many are being driven to unwarranted fear about no longer being able to access their games or libraries that they own. Timestamps below…

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