PS5 Digital Edition: 1 Month Later – Things To Know about PS5

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I’ve been using the PS5 Digital Edition for over a month now.
PS5 Tracker:

PS5: Will External Blu-ray Drives Work? (Add Disk Drive to PS5 Digital):

BEST Gaming Headsets for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S! (Sound & Mic Test):

PS5 Adaptive Triggers in Black Ops Cold War & Fortnite (DualSense):

INSANE PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition Unboxing, Accessories & Setup:

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35 thoughts on “PS5 Digital Edition: 1 Month Later – Things To Know about PS5”

  1. I have the disc version, and I also have a PS4 pro in my bedroom. What I noticed is that the games that are cross gen you get both versions when you buy it on the psn store, but if you buy the PS5 disc physical it won’t let you play the PS4 version on the PS4 if you put in the disc.

  2. You want the disc drive version it's a must! Your going to be looking for deals this generation due to the 70 dollar price tags you can do that easily with disc games instead of just play station store games


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