PS5 Fastest-Selling Console US History…

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27 thoughts on “PS5 Fastest-Selling Console US History…”

  1. I mean, it’s PlayStation, of course it is.

    I just got mine this week. They’ve actually restocked a lot in the past week at Walmart and Best Buy, so that’s a good sign that scalpers are no longer making enough profit to keep scalping. If you’re one of those that still needs one, don’t worry, things are looking much better now.

  2. The only reason for this is because of the dollar value. The switch is $300 per unit and the PS5 is $400 for the less common cheaper one and $500 for the most regularly available. So technically the switch still has the record due to the number of hardware units sold

  3. Because of the Limited amount people want it even when they don't want it..
    i mean people use to make a purchase when they had money because they know they could always go to a store and pick one up.But because of exclusivity everyone just want one no reason at all.

  4. Fastest selling because of scalpers using bots. Sony doesn't care if these ps5 units get into customers hands they are just working side by side with scalpers to boost sales.


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