PS5 + LG OLED + Outriders = ? YOU decide!

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Testing out the Outriders demo on the PS5 and 65 inch LG CX OLED TV.

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26 thoughts on “PS5 + LG OLED + Outriders = ? YOU decide!”

  1. Hi Mr. Giant. Could you disclose what resolution this is in? Is it in 120Hz? I’m both interested in the PlayStation and this TV. But hard to use these videos if I don’t know what you are showing πŸ˜… Especially as I want to play in 4K, but apparently that will NOT play in 120Hz. Which means I might as well not buy a 120hz TV. This might be great info for everyone looking to buy the same.
    My first idiotic comment might have annoyed you so much that you ignore me (even tho I have apologised after seeing your content in general and how of a obviously great guy you are). Lol. Since this is the second time I have asked this.

  2. Nothing beats gaming on an LG OLED and I mean nothing. Its one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had on a tv and I have had a few tv's in my time. As for picking up a PS5 or an XBOX X? Still cant get them in my area sadly.

  3. To Tech Giant

    Have you seen the new Zero dawn game coming to ps5 the first one was amazing in graphics on ps4 couldn’t imagine the new game for ps5

    Also, I am subbed already but hope you get to 70K soon

  4. hey paul you should start getting into tv calibration that would be awsome for your channel i just recently purchased calman home lg calibration software an also purchased an i1 display pro device just calibrated my oled an the difference is night an day looks amazing for gaming an movies the goid thing about the software aswell is you can manually calibrated or its got a feature built in which you can auto calibrate its amazing


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