PS5 Sales vs Xbox Series X Numbers – Both Did Extremely Well

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PS5 vs Xbox Series XS Sales Numbers – Both Did Extremely Well

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21 thoughts on “PS5 Sales vs Xbox Series X Numbers – Both Did Extremely Well”

  1. Sales are nice but meh
    As long as they making good enough money to keep pushing new things and not give us the same formula over and over

    Seeing games like the medium
    Sea of thieves 😍😍😍😍😍

    Overall I’m glad people are enjoying gaming it’s so cool to see more people gaming

  2. We all hope for competition but hate to tell you madz …xbox didn't sell 3.5 million units in two months nor ship 3.5 million in two months. Its a pipe dream and thats just the truth. Everyone knows sony is destroying sells and has left Microsoft behind by far more han a million consoles and thats fine. It doesn't mean xbox doesn't have a good console or the most powerful. Playstation just has more fanbase, hype and markets they are available in

  3. Well, we don't know the sale numbers for the Series X and S, but whatever stock Microsoft have been able to release has pretty much sold out. So, at this stage it's a case of whoever releases more stock to retailers will have more sales. I think it's pretty obvious the PS5 will sell more units than Xbox, but both consoles will make a lot of money. I think this generation Sony will follow Microsoft and start releasing all their new games on PC day in date with PC. The move wouldn't hurt console sales that much, but would increase profits. Which is what shareholders and executives care about.

    When this does happen, I look forward to never having to play a PlayStation game at 30fps ever again.

  4. Xbox is on 🔥 🔥🔥….and when all the plethora of exclusives start rolling out you will really see Xbox totally dominate. Everyone I know that games or just started to game again has a bought the Xbox Series X. It’s clearly the console of choice for the majority of smart gamers because of it’s great value. Game Pass is 🔥🔥🔥 and the Xbox console is a brilliant genius level engineered piece of technology.

  5. Never really understood the whole thing about sales numbers of platforms, unless you're a employee of the company I would think the sale numbers is irrelevant. I can understand games sales to the extent of a higher probability of a sequel…

  6. Fun fact..Xbox Series X has a clear power advantage over the PS5 with benchmarking proving this with third party titles same as last generation..the only time you will see parity is due to developers not wishing to squeeze more optimisation from the Xbox Series X platform due to time and money..Ofc Playstation exclusives will continue to be the best looking games on that platform bcoz of heavy optimisation from first party studios backed by Sony themselves


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