Punch somehow WINS SHADOW ROYALE??

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Apex Legends shadow royale monsters within event
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39 thoughts on “Punch somehow WINS SHADOW ROYALE??”

  1. I think the mode is cool but it was so laggy for me. Also, I’m trying to get the BH event skin, but I need to somehow get 500 crafting materials in 6 or 5 days with only around half an hour each day. I’m hoping it comes back at some point, but that banner won’t. And I’m not spending more money on this game.

  2. This mode is fun when the living player is actually good. Problem is the chances to get a good random are spim to none, so the game always ends up with me carrying 2 shadows that literally just go afk, or constantly give away my position, or with us all dead at the same time.

  3. There is a secret mission in kings canyon for Watson. On caustic lab in the back you can get in a vent and inside there is a locked door where only both of them can open…

    If you get disappointed it is your fault


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