Ranking every Dance in League of Legends from Worst to Best – Part 1

Pants ranks every dance in league of legends from worst to best

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49 thoughts on “Ranking every Dance in League of Legends from Worst to Best – Part 1”

  1. Hes not rating the dances based on good bad this is a rating based on pants personal knowledge of dance references. Can't just rate dances on if you know where its from rate it on how cool the dance looks. Waste of time for me

  2. ASHE reference looks old 1990 or something lets say the dancer was like 20 or higher while today is 2021 which means the dancer today was like 50 years old so basically , Pants is Simping on Old Lady Twerking?

  3. Sorry Pants, but what happened to you? Your Videos lately are just boring and so cringe. Who ist interested in dance move ratings and something like this? The the pictures, that completely fills my Sub section? I'll unfollow now and i think if you keep up content like that, more and more people will follow me. Wish you the best.

  4. I did like you before but after this video you changed my mind. Like the step dance classic you dislike it and you said that you hate classic but the same time, Jayce dance is classic too and put it best dance ever because is classic i mean do you know what you HATE or not hate?

  5. Kind of unfair on Caitlyn to rank her that low for merely swinging her weapon while ranking any other weapon swinger at least one rank above, and when in fact, she isn't merely swinging her weapon, she is dancing The Nutcracker (the toy soldier part, whereas cute Annie , mimics the child ballerina part)


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