Ranking Every Season 8 Battle Pass Skin In Fortnite (Including The Cube Queen)

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42 thoughts on “Ranking Every Season 8 Battle Pass Skin In Fortnite (Including The Cube Queen)”

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  2. Here are my rankings for this season's battle pass:
    8: Fabio Sparklemane: It's…unique, to say the least. I like the second and third styles for the colors, but the skin itself I don't care for. I've maybe run it once and then not touched it again. The backbling is pretty standard, although the glider and pickaxe are pretty good. However, I don't care for the skin, and it's one that most people either like or dislike, and I happen to be in the latter catagory.
    7: J.B Chimpanski: Other than the previous skin on this list, all the other skins are really good. I like how you can take the helmet on and off, and have so many cool color styles. I do wish that with the alt style, you could have on the full suit, but that's just a prefrence. The other items are great as well, I really like the pickaxe and glider. The skin is great, but I feel the rest were better, and have to put it here.
    6: Kor: This skin is really good. You have three great styles to choose from, and the option to equip a trench coat as well. The coat really seperates it from other ones it is similar to. Kor is kind of like a mix of Rook for the base style, a bit of Rue for the trench coat, and a few things unique to the skin, like the blue eye. However, we have seen plenty like this, and in a battle pass this good, I couldn't put it higher.
    5:The Cube Queen: I really like this skin, and it is a great bonus skin. The set is really cool, with the back bling as my favorite part. I also love that it has 3 different edit styles. However, I don't care for the first style as much, as i feel like it looks a bit all over the place. It's really flashy, and as far as the cape thing goes, I wish it was a standard style instead of Kelsier cloak. Still, it's a great skin, and I do really like it.
    4: Toona Fish: When I first saw this, I was like, "Why Epic, why!," until I saw the styles. The customisability is through the roof, and blows skins like kymera out of the water. The grind was a lot easier, and more fair than the kymera grind. Choose one of around 42, maybe more, default styles based on classic skins, or make it your own. The items are good too, but the skin is the star here. It would take a lot to beat this.
    3: Carnage: The top 3 were very hard to rank. Carnage is the lowest because of his lack of styles. My one complaint is that you couldn't unlock a Cletus Kassady edit style and change via built in emote. Still, the skin is ridiculously detailed, and it looks great. I wondered how they would make his tendrils work in fortnite, and they found a way. The set looks great with him, but not as much on others. Truly, this is a really great skin
    2:Charlotte: I do love some progressive style skins, and Charlotte more than delivered. Sweats will go for the default style, while others will take to the martial arts like style. That alone gave it an edge, given my martial arts background. Speaking of an edge, the pickaxe is top tier, and the ability to use an emote to switch your pickaxe to it was a great touch. The backbling was too basic, but it doesn't take away from the skin.
    1: Torin: My favorite from the beginning, and my favorite still, Torin is a really good skin. The default version is good, but the sideways style is what really takes it up to here. The built in emote is great, but you don't need it to change styles. The whole set is really good, what with the sword and reactive backbling, but the skin is what makes it. Also, each season there is a skin that looks best with the enlightened styles, and this season it is, without a doubt, torin. One of the best battle pass skins we have ever seen.

    That's just my ranking, but I'd love to see yours! Comment your rankings below!

  3. Also @Big Jonse Gaming if you could do a ranking video for all of the midas variants, that would be great. I think there was Midas, Midas Rex, Marigold, Midsummer Midas, and Shadow Midas. Also, I think Oro, Orellia, and that one Minty Oro that I can't renember count as a Midas clone.
    If you could do that, that would be great!

  4. Here’s my rankings of all the skins from this season’s battle pass:

    1. Cube Queen (Preferably the Islandbane style)
    2. Torin
    3. JBChimpanski
    4. Carnage
    5. Charlotte
    6. Fabio Sparklemane (Golden Crunch style)
    7. Toona Fish
    8. Kor


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