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Today we are ranking the legends in Apex Legends Season 12 with another Apex Legends tier List! There are so many good legends in apex legends but the best legend apex legends season 12 does come down to who you want to play. Apex Legends season 12 legends ranking was tough as theres tons of really great legends in apex but the best legends Apex Legends or at least for my Apex Legends ranking all legends its truly about a mix of things. Drop a comment with your Apex Legends ranking all legends season 12 and if you agree or disagree with any of my season 12 tier list ratings. Truly I tried to give a good logical explanation for all of my Apex Legends Season 12 best legends but as always I do play the game in a bit different way than maybe you do from time to time and the ranking the legends in Apex is very particular to the person.

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0:00 Our Criteria & More…
0:30 – The C Tier or Ok Legends…
3:04 – The Good Legends at B Tier!
8:00 – The Borderline Amazing Legends
12:34 – The AMAZING Legends at A Tier
16:08 – The Borderline Superior Legends…
17:45 – The Best Legends at S Tier


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  1. As a wattson main I can confirm the buggieness with wattsons fences, I often find it difficult to fence people mid gunfight because the game doesn't activate my inputs on fence placement, even when I have low ping and my internet is doing fine (very rare occurrence). I feel like wattson is in a good state right now, but they really need to make her regen shields just a tiny bit faster, make the fencing mode less buggy, and make fast fence placements more reliable

  2. Lifeline to me feels like the weakest Character, her ultimate is basically useless once you've gotten into a fight or 2 and gotten loot from death boxes, her passive isn't as strong because why would anyone leave a player downed when u can kill them for a shield swap, so she can't revive. Her tactical is the only thing I can argue maker's her decent being able to heal white health quick while using cells and Batts, but overall she feels so bad to play sometimes over anything else

  3. Bangalore needs a buff I was a top 10 bang in world. I quit using her n slipped to top 200 now. Her passive isnt all that anymore. N her smoke can be used against her n ur team. They can do a variety of things to buff her but I doubt they will

  4. Why are you recommending potential buffs to legends you've put in S-tier?
    Surely those should be reserved for the weaker legends and the top picks should be given potential nerfs to bring them in line.

  5. Im a crypto main with 10k kills he is in my oppinion not just b tier but A for many reasons. First of all you can choose every type of play whether it's aggressive or offensive, secondly he is a great team player and high iq is required to be played properly. With the new buff in my oppinion he is by far the best tracker

  6. Honestly, Valkyrie has always been my favorite legend, but after this video my friends are gonna think I only like her since she’s in the top of a tier list. But I don’t really mind. What I do think is that crypto should be above fuse. But the rest of the trier list I was bobbing my head up and down for each statement in agreement

  7. Ash tactical needs a buff…It's way too slow, target acquisition is booty, and enemies have too much movement while snared.
    Increase its travel speed and allow it to snare anyone that gets near it.

  8. S Tier – Gibraltar, Ash, Bloodhound,Crypto, Valkyrie

    A Tier – Caustic,Pathfinder, Wattson, Wraith, Loba

    B Tier – Octane, Horizon, Fuse, Maggie, Seer

    C Tier – Lifeline, Rampart, Revenant,Mirage,Bangalore

  9. I always found lengends tier lists useless. All of the legends play the exact same from the rest. The only difference are their tacticals and ultimates both of which you only use a few times per match. And most times most players dont even GET the chance to use either ability because they die to quick before they ever get the chance. Ive been playing apex since release and honestly I dont really care which legend i play as.

  10. I guess you’re right about Mirage being limited to the skill of the opponent! I started playing Mirage recently in pubs and honestly get some insane plays, especially with his Ult but I’d imagine playing in higher ranked matches against very skilled opponents, his abilities would be rendered useless. That being said, I do think he is massively underrated in pubs.

  11. Ive really been enjoying fuse. If you can land youre knucle clusters and arc stars it comes in really handy, also really good for zoning and people camping. I think his knuckle clusters work better for camperd than mad maggies tac

  12. Yeah I used to main mirage back in season 8/9 and he’s gotten a lot worse, although it could be that I’m playing against better people now. I had to play 2 games with him for a daily and people are easily finding me when I ult, and a pathfinder found my invisible revive without missing a shot (he was in another building when I started it). Mirage needs a big boost, he’s super fun though.


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