Ranking Valorant Agents by WHO I'D MARRY?!

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23 thoughts on “Ranking Valorant Agents by WHO I'D MARRY?!”

  1. Sova is actuallu a swell guy, I mean look at his voicelines
    “If you are not a good shot today, don’t worry there are other ways to be useful”
    Ngl, if I were a girl I’d def marry sova

  2. S: Sage, KJ, Astra (i mean… shes god)
    A: Sova, Jett, Neon
    B: Phoenix (Funny londoner), Yoru, Raze
    C: Kay/o, Viper, Skye
    D: Cypher (Moroccan family man, not gonna meddle with the wife), Brim
    Lets not:Omen, Reyna, Chamber

  3. Waifu/Husbando: reyna, sage, phoenix, fade
    Would Date: neon, skye, raze
    Friends with benefits: sova, jett, kayo, astra, kj
    Side arm: breach, brim, omen
    Toxic: viper
    Don't even think about it: yoru, cypher, chamber

  4. Breach become a criminal because he want to fit in to his family (whole family got caught, no arm, no jail for him).
    And now that he's wanted, he actually fears being caught. He's THE boy for me tbh, he needs mental support and I need daddy support

  5. Chamber's fear is to be misjudged by the VA agents.
    So I think he broke the teleporter (Fracture) for some good reason, and since earth 2 Chamber helped him, it's probably a bad idea to make a generator that powerful.

  6. I have to tell my piece (including Fade):

    S: Sage, Astra, Jett
    A: Sova, Skye, Neon, Killjoy
    B: Phoenix, Chamber, Raze
    C: Fade, Yoru
    D: Breach, Viper, Reyna
    E: KAY/O, Omen, Cypher, Brimstone


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