Ranking Valorant Skins From BEST to WORST (Valorant Store) | Top Tier Ep.12

This week on Top Tier we ranked all the Valorant skin sets available in the Valorant Store. That means no battle pass or agent skins.

And let us warn you right now, this list is going to make you mad. From Elderflame to the Prime Collection, we’re massacring all your favourites.

Hosted by: Tyler Erzberger (@FionnOnFire), Yinsu Collins (@YinsuCollins), Nick Ray (@AsherIsHere_) and Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)
Edited by: Lexi Johnson (@miinxiiee)
Graphics and thumbnail by: Ivan Cortez (@IvanC__14)
Supervising Producer: Colin McNeil, Spencer Pascoe (@SpennyPascoe)

Tier list via Tier Maker https://tiermaker.com/

Footage sources:https://pastebin.com/8Fd0nurK

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