#RareDiseaseDay Special ||| Valheim Giveaway! #RareDiseaseDay2021

I’ll be hosting a live stream to raise awareness for Rare Disease Day on Feb. 28th at 10am EST. I’ll read aloud patient stories found on the official Rare Disease Day website and encourage viewers to donate to causes that benefit patients living with rare diseases. During the stream, I’ll play Valheim to pass the time while chatting with viewers about their own experiences with rare diseases, and just generally discussing the topic, and I’ll give away one free copy of Valheim to one lucky chat participant just for hanging out and learning about Rare Disease Day!

Here’s a rough outline of what I have planned:

Learn about Rare Disease Day here:
Learn about the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) here:
Learn how you can get involved as an advocate for Rare Disease patients in your state here:

(I am a volunteer for the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)’s Rare Action Network. While I will be mentioning them several times, I’m not acting as an official representative for this organization during this stream. All opinions shared are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of NORD or the Rare Action Network. They have not endorsed or promoted this stream in any way, this is an entirely independent event.)

Background music used periodically throughout the stream is provided by:
Playlist (Please see for appropriate artist credit, each song was played in order during the stream):


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1 thought on “#RareDiseaseDay Special ||| Valheim Giveaway! #RareDiseaseDay2021”

  1. Ty so much for doing this. I live in latin america and rn I'm taking care of my ill father, he has a lot of health issues. Survived 3 strokes, has deep vein thrombosis, he needs to take a lot of drugs like valproic acid, needs to get 2 injections every night for the rest of his life of an anti clotting for his blood called Fondaparinux, patches for his herniated disk. If only here they were aware by doing this kind of events and helping people, how to take care of health issues, prevention, etc. He also loves videogames, and was the one that started my videogame hobby when he bought a bunch of PS1 games, posters, etc. I'm really grateful to him, my name on Steam is Da Big BOOM! Ty so much for doing this!!


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