Ratting Out A Grenade Launcher – Escape From Tarkov

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43 thoughts on “Ratting Out A Grenade Launcher – Escape From Tarkov”

  1. I did the same thing i was on labs i heard a gl and i stood really far and everytime they would push me i would push opposite of where i was turns out there was 2 guys with gl sniped them both but the second hid his gl before dying and i couldent find it.

  2. Bro this is what I mean when I say there is no real meta in this game. You can play with whatever you want and come out on top. There are easier ways of doing it but no “meta”. He literally just said dmr’s m4 hks are the best. 2 weeks ago it was the vector. People bitch about the ks-23. People bitch about 8.5 buckshot express. I think people just don’t like dying and will call out anything as the problem other them themselves.

  3. The skill lvndmark possess in this game is unlike anything I have ever witnessed on twitch or youtube. I have never seen anyone own a game like he does. Props where props are deserved


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