Reacting To The WORST Fortnite Highlights! (BAD IDEA)

In this video, I react to the worst Fortnite highlight videos of all time. You guys really seem to love my reaction videos, so since I’ve already reacted to subscriber highlight videos as well as highlight videos with 0 views, bad highlight videos are up next. Please be aware, though, all the videos I react to were sent to me and I know the people who made them. Most of the highlights I react to in this are memes and were purposely made to be bad. Make sure you follow me on Twitter for your chance to be featured in my next reaction (reacting to) video and let me know what category of Fortnite montages or highlights I should react to as well. Oh yeah yeah.

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20 thoughts on “Reacting To The WORST Fortnite Highlights! (BAD IDEA)”

  1. Performance mode is insane I live metal now I could completely see through it when built but I dont like it in 1v1 build fights some times because if someone is in a box its hard to break


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