(READ DESC.) "FNF: Pluto's Reprisal Part 2" But I Let It Sit Inside Of A Claustrophobic Hairdryer

Okay, so Pluto’s Reprisal V2 has unexpectedly come out, but hey. Something had to be done about it. Planets have moons, there are asteroids, youtubers make videos about the solar system, and a bunch of junk about “celestial objects” and the “Milky Way” is going to mean that this mod is going to take AGES to complete, and I am going to take AGES to get this dumb hairdrying stuff done.

I was trying to get this out ASAP, but a 6-hour long render was going to take my laziness to another level (obviously). So, with this, I’m gonna be sentenced to another round of rendering (and you’re gonna be sentenced to another round of my description). I was going to get this out 2 weeks after v2, because, you know, heheh, two, heh. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the consequences of having the moons with their own tracks, undeniably having a 2 hour video overall.

After a 6-hour render, I got my laptop out of a dense situation. I was relieved, until I found out that the audio wasn’t synced… Aw, shucks. This is gonna happen again as the mod grows, meaning rendering is gonna be longer and these disasters are gonna happen more often. So, enjoy this for now, as I make other plans to get this polished.

This mod is about the moons and other junk singing. Enjoy. For now. This video will be replaced soon.


Mod Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zYE84JkBarFtpjrBug7Cut58ARTLwv8s?usp=sharing

00:00 Intro
00:35 Channel Intro
00:50 Intro (continued)
01:31 Height (dialogue)
02:07 Height (Tutorial – B-SIDES)
02:56 Best Eris (dialogue)
03:11 Best Eris (Best Girl – SSN)
04:41 Cold Home (dialogue)
05:38 Cold Home (House – D&B)
07:38 Coldtext (dialogue)
08:05 Coldtext (Context – Nonsense)
09:41 Freezer Composites (dialogue)
09:46 Freezer Composites
11:14 Grif-Gram (dialogue)
11:55 Grif-Gram (Tick Tock – Vs Steve)
14:35 Halo-Ball (dialogue)
14:44 Halo-Ball (Hairball – Arcade Showdown)
17:31 Unchanged Saturn Song (dialogue)
17:44 Unchanged Saturn Song (Ghost – Camellia)
17:56 Hugodila (dialogue)
18:38 Hugodila (Zavodila – Mid Fight Masses)
20:53 Iron Rise (dialogue)
21:23 Iron Rise (Highrise – NEON)
22:56 Disintegration (dialogue)
23:06 Disintegration (Ordinance – NEON)
25:09 Static Charge (Transgression – NEON)
26:12 lol
27:19 Endomain (dialogue)
27:47 Endomain (Endurance – Miku)
29:53 Scorch (dialogue)
30:28 Scorch (Parish – Mid Fight Masses)
32:17 Unchanged Venus Song (Hellroll – One of the Carol mods)
33:53 S.P.E.E.D (dialogue)
34:29 S.P.E.E.D (A.G.O.T.I – OLD Entity mod)
36:11 sun (dialogue)
36:34 sun (ron – bob’s Onslaught)
37:58 Superstar (dialogue)
38:14 Superstar (Hellclown – Tricky)
41:53 Sollistic (dialogue)
42:05 Sollistic (Ballistic – Whitty)
44:33 Astral Crux (dialogue)
45:05 Astral Crux (Astral Calamity – WB Shaggy)
48:29 Relecide (dialogue)
48:52 Relecide (Genocide – Tabi)
51:17 Whine (dialogue)
52:20 Whine (Fight – Stickman)
53:34 Protine (dialogue)
53:46 Protine (Valentine – Sunday)
54:52 Unchanged Miranda Song (Apprentice – Golden Apple)
57:43 Unchanged Ariel Song (Echoes – Starlight Mayhem)
1:00:39 Umbrella Luck (Rabbit’s Luck – Oswald)
1:02:28 Unchanged Song (Titania + Oberon)
1:03:49 Attack (Pibblammed – One of those Pibby mods)
1:05:36 Ferocious – Golden Apple (added extra label just because :p)
1:05:37 Ferocious – Titan (Changed bc I was working on something else w/ it)
1:07:06 Ferocious -Tethys
1:07:36 Ferocious – My favorite part IMO
1:08:14 Ferocious – Iapetus
1:09:38 Ferocious – Titan (again)
1:11:20 Ferocious – Dione
1:12:46 Ferocious – Enceladus
1:13:43 Ferocious – Enceladus (but a little less annoying)
1:15:18 I H A V E A G I F T F O R Y O U . C O M E H E R E .
1:15:21 Ferocious – Mimas
1:16:28 Ferocious – Titan (again (again))
1:18:51 Ferocious – This bit
1:19:18 Ferocious – Titan and Iapetus (I guess)
1:20:58 Unchanged Rhea Song (Foolhardy – Zardy)
1:24:44 Unchanged Ganymede Song (Last Chance – Tabi)
1:26:48 Eruption (Improbable Outset – Tricky)
1:28:36 Water (FUN – Bikini Bottom Funkin)
1:30:29 Collision (Fourth Wall – VS Afton)
1:33:25 Southern Stain (South – B3 Remixed)
1:35:00 Second Display (dialogue)
1:35:20 Second Display (LCD – Hex Weekend Update x Second Chance)
1:38:29 Freelancer (dialogue)
1:39:19 Freelancer (Detected – Hex Weekend Update)
1:41:53 Announcement
1:43:08 Not Obsecure (Not a Monster – B3 Remixed) Misspelling is intentional.
1:45:08 Flower (Flower – Yoshitaka)
1:47:09 Unchanged Dysnomia Song (Ejected – Vs Impostor)

Vegas 16 (cracked version)
Psych Engine 0.5.2h – https://gamebanana.com/mods/309789
Krita – krita.org

Credits (which is a LOT): Also I’m not updating them if I forget about the video, sounds like a waste of time once I forget about this heap of junk.
Find it here because the description has a character limit.


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