REAL LIFE Mantis Blades Cyberpunk – Build Part 1

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Who doesn’t want a set of real life cyberware mantis blades?! But they do not exist, outside of Cyberpunk 2077… YET! The goal is to build a TRULY fully functional, collapsible, articulating, automated cyberware system, that looks AND functions exactly like in Cyberpunk 2077! This will be the best mantis blade build ever and my craziest project!

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22 thoughts on “REAL LIFE Mantis Blades Cyberpunk – Build Part 1”

  1. Thats imposible if it will be inserted in your arm because of rusting and that is bad but even if you try to do it a peace of wire will be inserted in your mind and conected to the hand controling piece in your mind and has to do surgery on your arm,neck and scalp opening the skin and bone and inserting the wire because if the wire is pulled out the wire has a piece of brain making arm control even harder and the wepon will malfunction so they have to do surgery and they have to make something that doesnt rust like metal that doesnt rust and a servo that is small and strong because cuting other musle will lead to less arm control so they will have to make a more more smaller wepon so it will be smaller then you thought so it will be less usfull and your musle will strech because the creator made it look like a face sucker egg and it will hurt so will you take the thing or so called wepon i recomend a metalic straw that has a small bee hive thing that go thro the nose to the lungs and cuting it making internal bleeding and if it go to the heart a straight kill

    Edit:hahaha try to read that all
    Another edit: you have to blow the straw to kill some one


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