REAL RAIDS WITH THE KRISS VECTOR – Escape From Tarkov Solo Gameplay

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0:00 Scav raid
14:30 Vector PMC raids

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43 thoughts on “REAL RAIDS WITH THE KRISS VECTOR – Escape From Tarkov Solo Gameplay”

  1. Hey Drew, man your videos are awesome and I could just watch all of them all day. I wish I have pc cause I really love to try escape from Tarkov, are there any other game you would recommend like this one on Ps4? Except Dayz

    Thank you!

  2. what mil sim games do you suggest for someone who prefers to play solo or offline
    i already have arma 2/3 (im really shit at arma though), ghost recon 1, swat 4, rainbow six 3 and ground branch

  3. "Game most balanced it has ever been, and the maps are as good as theyve ever been"
    TL;DR: YEA OK BUD….theres still alot of work and improvements to be done.

    While I have also had tons of fun this wipe too, HARD DISAGREE, and heres why:
    >Vectors can be bought for like 50k roubles, as well as 150 Rounds of 7n31 can be bought from L3 Prapor which is the easiest L3 trader to reach without trying just because repair/insurance costs.
    > Bulk .45 AP/AP 6.3 exists from L3 Peacekeeper
    >Even with high Armor Pen ammo being so expensive, it almost doesnt even matter what ammo your using with the Vector, with such a high RPM and hyper exaggerated accuracy at Ranges of even 100m+ you just get your shit rocked no matter what at almost any range, with little to no effort to the Vector user.
    >.338 Lapua exists
    >Grenades are horrible now. I have personally watched many grenades do absolutely nothing after blowing up on peoples ankles, its unreal. They nerfed them wayyy too hard.
    >Steam Audio/Vertical audio is buggy as hell lately
    >Netcode/servers are falling apart like 75% of the time
    >Janky spastic unrealistic strafing movement still exists
    >Shit Interchange Lighting, audio & Spawns
    >Shit Shoreline Lighting, vertical audio, & spawns
    >Making it across big red side of customs without getting into a huge shitshow of a firefight is like a baby turtle tryna make its way to water.
    >Stepping on a landmine immediately after spawning on Woods yet(Granted it will never not be funny hearing one go off in the distance on that map xD)
    >Reserve windows and hills are blacked tf out 7 days a week, people are literally invisble in/on them.
    >Scavs are cracked out of their fucking minds with spotting you at 120m while facing opposite directions, and insta dropshotting you through 20m of heavy brush, turning you into a quadruple amputee victim in a fraction of a second. I am more scared of a group of two scavs now than I am players.
    >Head, Eyes
    >New 1st overweight threshold at 35Kg makes it so you cant even run Hybrid kits like Sniper/SMG or pistol combo, or even loot hardly anything without getting fat, albeit they did increase the STR & END gains though
    >Performance is still bad on all maps besides Factory and Labs, even on higher end systems

    P.S. good video tho 🙂

  4. So im watching this then hop on. I fond a dead body full of stuff. Im only level 4 total noob find airframe and korund with a vector 4 grenades a huge back pack etc on a scav run. My heart was beating so hard and fast on the way to extract. Someone was trying to shoot me and I was noping the heck out of there! Got out with 2mins on clock. This thing is op! Got a scav trying to get me and he dropped like a sack of potatos!

  5. Well I’ve had the game for a week. I’m poor and have almost nothing but your videos are awesome. I wish someday I could be rich like you but I don’t understand the game at all. I tried going on the tarkov discord but no one wanted to run with a noob.


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