Resident Evil 8 – Village Gameplay Demo

The new 30 minute, one-shot Resident Evil Village gameplay demo on PS5.

BFD, Boss Fight Database.

RE8 Demo. Resident Evil 8 Village gameplay demo.


40 thoughts on “Resident Evil 8 – Village Gameplay Demo”

  1. Leon and Chris are getting old :/ they deserve to have a peaceful life and leave new generations take over, maybe their kids?

    They need to have children, Leon and Ada, Sheva and Josh, Rebecca and Billy, Chris and Claire, Hunk and Lady Hunk

  2. Wow this is really good. I'm really invested in Ethan and his story, a great addition to the RE cast. Leon and Chris are awesome but Ethan feels easier to relate to because he's so normal.

  3. The first RE had some good scares, partly due to the unclear graphics at the time. This wouldn't scare an 8-year-old.

    Might be a fun action game though.

  4. Werewolves? Really? 😑
    I mean I loved everything abou this but werewolves are a bit childish, wish they had stuck with zombies or psycho brainwashed people like RE2, RE7 or even 4.

  5. Honestly i thought ethan was just another guy in the re series who was just caught up in the mess. A random guy going to find his wife seemed like a better concept but now the game director is making him an essential character which is getting boring. Maybe using jake as a redemption for how re6 dissappointed alot of fanboys would have been better, just my opinion.

  6. I feel like Elaine or whatever her names was is mother Miranda bc fire doesn't rlly kill ppl instant like tht she might still be alive idk i cld be wrong


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