Resident Evil Village – Castle Demo – Full Playthrough

Can’t freaking wait for this game. Demo was worse then the village one only because its hard to admire the vastly detailed castle when the gameplay has a timer. Love everything I’ve played thus far.

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29 thoughts on “Resident Evil Village – Castle Demo – Full Playthrough”

  1. one thing i’m not crazy about is the bodies only react like 2 different ways when struck a by a bullet atleast of what ive seen so far i prefer remake 2-3 body reactions to bullets seems like there was more variety

  2. Go interact with Duke a few more times, he say's a certain line, I'm sure other's know what I'm talking about, leave it as a surprise if others don't know tho please.

  3. I thought that the whole reason everyone liked RE7 was because it was a horror game? Why are people so happy about things like the merchant, briefcase inventory etc? These video-gamey elements just make it less engaging to me. I guess RE4 nostalgia -_-

  4. Bawk, I find it so funny bc I found your channel by accident and at first u wasn't a huge fan but I love RE so I watched more and can I say you have become my favorite RE channel by far and only one that comes close is ROE. Thank you for your amazing content 😁 "OHH SHIT"

  5. I don't know if everyone is now into the stupid FPS, but this iz not Call oc Duty or whatever, but I don't know if Capcom got lazy and stopped to make the 3D models of theur characters, and give us the experience of being a hovering screen with hands and sometimes feet.
    I loved RE 1, 2 , 3, 4, didn't hate 5 and 6 but still enjoyed them, but know " I have to enjoy" this Ethan hovering screen guy…
    I don't know why Capcom dumped such good characters as Leon, Claire, Ada, for example, to continue the story line of RE 2, 4, and 6…. The flirting Between young Leon and Claire, the deceptive Ada and her secrets… Now they make a game for some Ethan dude who never got me involved in his story, since RE7 is about the deranged family victim of some Bio weapon, who happens to be "baby-sitted" by Ethan's wife….
    I didn't like RE7, maybe I am alone but if the era of 3td person good survival horror characters is over, then I won't buy the stupid thing…. No deep characters, not looking a nice Claire, Ada, Jill, even Cherry or any good beauty trying to run awah and fight the horrors…. Just a stupid hovering screen with no soul.


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