Resident Evil Village looks great on Xbox Series X & LG OLED

Testing out the last demo of Resident Evil Village on the Xbox Series X and LG CX OLED.

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42 thoughts on “Resident Evil Village looks great on Xbox Series X & LG OLED”

  1. I have both,but I got village for Ps5!
    I got mlb,hitman,eso,outriders,and whatever upcoming exclusives for xbox.
    Villiage,Avengers,2k21,Valhalla,nioh 2,gtav,and exclusives(returnal,spiderman,upcoming),on ps5

    I have halo reserved xbox seriesx
    Ill get god of war,death loop and project athia ps5.

    I haven't bought madden in two years,but if theyve rehauled and greatly improved franchise this year;ill get it on both consoles(if not i wont buy it again.

    2k22 Ps5

    Fable xbox series X

    Idk i love the xbox series X and ps5 both,but i prefer playing on Ps5,but im almost equally enjoying xbox series x.Honestly im all for which ever machine that puts out games far beyond slightly better graphics.Im looking for innovative games(not remakes),that are far bigger,deeper,more immersive,with compelling stories,Offline,offline co-op(less of the gtav and red dead nuisance based play),and overall fun and fresh gaming experiences!I wouldnt mind if games had an skyrim/fallout style mod system attached.
    It doesn't matter which system brings that to me,I just want one of them to deliver!I didn't buy either machine for slightly better graphics,i got them for true next gen experiences and 8k in a few years.

    Xbox game pass is dope!Far bettee system/perk than Playstation.
    Dark souls,miles Morales and returnal are amazing games!spiderman is too short,but

  2. I've played it on both the Series X and PS5 on my LG CX and could not tell the difference. Both versions look fantastic!!! Digital foundry gave the demo a slight edge to Xbox. But we're talking minimal differences. I decided to pick it up on my PS5, can't wait till 10pm on the 6th when I can play it!!

  3. Ps5 for me. Got a pc so don't need a new x box. Still nothing new for series x ps5 will have more exclusives before xbox get 1 new one. They seem to focus on backwards compatibility. Which is fine if you want play old games and not new IP's.

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  5. 1:16: β€œThis sounds like me in the morning getting out of bed ” πŸ˜‚ TechGiant got Jokes. Thanks once again for a great review gonna try on my oled.

  6. I bought a LG CX in December heavily influenced by your reviews. I find this game (played on Xbox Series X) showcases the real strengths of this panel. Very happy with my purchase, keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ»

  7. To be honest Paul, I was looking at the 48 inch CX to use as a PC monitor late last year as LG are just smashing it with gaming level TVs at the moment, you can't go wrong with them. LG are so far ahead in the game for gaming TVs and it shows! I will probably grab a 48 inch C1 this year as they are just that bit better at processing than the CX. Can't wait for your review on it mate

  8. Oled does have the best picture quality but it isn't a night and day difference. I've seen videos of the best qleds put side by side with oleds and although there was a difference it was only slight. Definitely not enough of a difference to warrant the very real risk of burn in.

  9. You can't go wrong with both consoles. I guess it comes down to exclusives and what your friends play on. For me I have the series s for gamepass and when I can afford it I'll buy the ps5

  10. Looks stunning. Great to see the xbox getting dusted off. I would like to see a bit of qled love aswell paul….oled seems to be taking over the world right now but qled has its strengths too for gaming I think.

  11. Dude looks great and I understand why you want to please everyone but the game pretty much looks identical to any console unless it’s an exclusive but either way great content and I’m getting the c1 65” today and cannot wait to play this game on it!


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