Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Teaser Trailer Analysis – Road to Resident Evil 8

So in this video we’ll be covering the new resident evil trailer that was showcased on the resident evil showcase event were we see the tall lady Alcina Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, and possibly even Mother Miranda.

We also cover the important role of Ethan Winters in resident evil 8 and how he’ll be a much more developed character compared to what we saw from Resident evil 7.

Also in this new re village teaser trailer, we get to see chris redfield again and even the duke who sells us weapons and upgrades.

Also in this RE Showcase event, we talk about the upcoming release of the resident evil village demo, the cross over of dead by daylight and resident evil, resident evil the mercenaries, resident evil infinite darkness, and much more.

Also the most important portion of this new resident evil village mother miranda teaser trailer is the first glimpse of Mother Miranda and how she will play an important role in this game. Were we analyze her overall appearance and compare that to the RE village symbol that we saw from the earlier trailers for this game.


27 thoughts on “Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Teaser Trailer Analysis – Road to Resident Evil 8”

  1. Mia was Mother Miranda's daughter. When Chris killed her, it set I'm motion everything in the village, including Mother Miranda's violence on the village. Why Chris did it is still a mystery to be solved.
    Going on a limb and saying Rosemary is wanted by 'grand'Mother Miranda, either Chris is being forced to bring Rosemary to her, or Chris is using Rosemary as leverage

  2. I am going out on a limb since I haven't heard Mother Miranda's voice yet but I am hoping it's Alex Wesker in Natalias semi older body. I forget the time gap been between Revelations 2 and Village.

  3. If the leaks are to be believed which they've been correct up until this point they want to flesh out Ethan's character all to kill him at the end of resident evil village what is the point

  4. And I wonder if the upgrades that you can do in the mercenaries mode is permanent meaning that you will continuously have those upgrades in mercenary mode and inside of the game story mode the main campaign do those upgrades stay in the main game if you want to beat it like more than once

  5. Mother miranda worked with oz Spencer before umbrella? She is now trying to perfect the mold which is being harvested from the village rose being the next part of the solution connecting resi 7 to the mold and Eva this is part 2 of a trilogy? Just some thoughts??


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