Resident Evil Village: Quick Look

Some say it takes a village to do a quick look, others say it only takes Brad and Vinny.

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31 thoughts on “Resident Evil Village: Quick Look”

  1. I like to imagine all the werewolves as Glenn Danzig, and then they aren't as scary.

    Vinny and Brad, it's been a pleasure listening to you guys over the course of many years. Thank you for all the time, energy, and sacrifices you've had to make to keep us entertained and in good spirits. Best of luck to you both (and Alex)!

  2. Goodbye, I'll miss listening you on the podcasts. Insightful, funny, entertaining and most of all, sincere. You were a huge influence on me over the last decade and change. Thank you.

  3. Im just gonna be selfish here. I hate it, I hate that you guys are leaving. Ive been watching you guys since the gamespot days and knowing you guys arent gonna be around any more feels the same as a losing a loved one. I still havent recovered completely from Ryan passing away. Now to have almost all the OGs gone, well its just so sad to me. I do wish you guys the best but man it just really sucks. End of an era :'(

  4. It is scary how you mock geoengineering A.K.A chemtrails. They are real and destroying the planet and harming its people all over the world. Hopefully some day it will be a comin known fact.

  5. Ethan got so many people killed. Every death in this playthrough comes from him injecting his presence into their lives. Sure their own stupidity got some of them, but had he not been there and just carried on his way without stopping, they may well have weathered the storm.

  6. Best of wishes, Vinny! I got a bunch of your GB videos on my Hard drive, these are always entertaining, doesn't Age ever! Cheers, Man!!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍✋✋✋🍷


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