RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE: the new demo on PS5!

Playing the first new RE8 demo as soon as it goes live, on PlayStation 5! I’ll do the same for the SECOND new demo when it launches next weekend. These streams are YouTube only, but I’ll probably jump over to Twitch and stream something else as soon as they’re done :).

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20 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE: the new demo on PS5!”

  1. I'm willing to bet the official game events will play out entirely different from what we've seen here in the demo. I remember RE7 was very different from the demo who knows what is really going to go down

  2. aww man, the demos are one and done. I thought you could at least replay it and have another 30 minutes, I didn't even make it out of the dungeon part of the castle. stupid eye door.

  3. what kind of shotgun is that, a round is already in the chamber yet when you load it up some more the animation cocks the gun again and therefore eject an unspent shell. Im not a gun nut but that just seemed annoyingly obvious to me for some reason, unless of course im wrong on how this shotgun works.

  4. Hey Alanah, what chair were you sat in for the last demo. All I could see was the headrest was grey or black and it had the letter D on it. It looked like the Doom style of writing. Was it a Doom gaming chair?


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