Resident Evil Village – The Story of Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Lady) – ALL SCENES, FIGHTS + LORE

She captured our hearts & minds (and other things) this is the story of Lady Dimitrescu the Tall Lady herself

Maiden Lore 00:00
RE8 Lore 3:37
Boss Fight 14:24

The Story of Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Lady) – ALL Scenes, Fights and Lore Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 8 Village – All Character Scenes, Story moments and Ending Explained!

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40 thoughts on “Resident Evil Village – The Story of Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Lady) – ALL SCENES, FIGHTS + LORE”

  1. Hello, I am sorry to tell you that You pronounced Dimitrescu very wrong. The correct pronunciation using English phonetics is Dee-Mee-Tres-coo. I 'am Romanian and my own surname ends with escu so I know what I am talking about👍

  2. I'm sorry, but I didn't skip reading in the game and come here to have to read to understand the story! I was expecting you to actually, you know, explain it!

  3. Why does Heisenberg sound like Nicolas Cage if they were going for a Nicholas Cage. Sounding voice they should have hired Nicholas Cage. I'm pretty sure he would have done it for a very cheap price to voice act Heisenberg.

  4. wish she was the last part of the game.. dont wanna leave her castle, cause im loving it and wanna know its story and gosh its freaky as she patrols the castle after i killed her 3 daugthers and i got the 4 masks placed up.

  5. I gave a thumbs down since the story of Lady D was not discussed at all. the title says "the story of Lady D + LORE". Where is her story or lore?? these are just cutscenes from the game-…

  6. SPOILER!!!

    The fact that Lady Dem calls Ethan a “Manthing” is so appropriate because as we find out Ethan is technically that he is a man mold thing I appreciate the writing of her lines!

  7. I am curious about the knife that is used on her ladyship before her boss fight. I suppose I will probably have to watch a full walkthrough but I was hoping someone could tell me a bit more about it, why it forces Lady Dimitrescu into her abomina-dragon form, and where/whom Ethan learned about the knife from.

  8. RE creators: "hey, remember when we used to make these really awesome and scary survival horror games?"

    "Yeah, the late 90s were amazing"

    "…what do we do now?"

    "Well, have you heard if thirsty simping neck-beards?"

  9. **Spoilers**

    She is such an interesting character, especially when you began to humanize her again. She is a compound case of narcissistic insecurity, attachment/codependency issues, and prideful egotism – that struggles in obtaining her desires and maintaining her anxiety towards personal expectations. I get that there is the point that she and her daughters do not deserve sympathy, as they have murdered countless people – but it is done for the sake of sustenance, rather than sport, although from the blood and flesh of mankind. This is inherently no different than the natural order of predator and prey. Anyways, I would imagine one would forsake their humanity, if prolonged cannibalism of what you once were, was the case. Not to mention her inhuman abilities. This is apparent in her constant need to voice her disdain towards you as a "man-thing" to rationalize feeding upon your kind(atleast not the mold part). Many fictional and real serial killers have been noted to de-humanize victims or to justify that they are removed from/above humanity.

    But, I doubt this would be her first choice to continue existence, so there has to be alot of mental trauma there. If I am not mistaken she was born with some sort of blood disorder (maybe infertility too, as it seems she has no biological children of her own) and was manipulated by Miranda to be an experiment of dark arts/bio weapons. Maybe there has been false promise in restoring the dying legacy of her House? From how long back her bloodline goes, I'd imagine there is great pressure in continuing it. Her family honor is a sore spot as this is expressed when she takes great offense to your transgressions within her Castle that has been her family's for hundreds of years.

    I say that she is most of all very insecure because of what she personally expresses the need to feel like a favorite or that she is something special, lamenting her relationship with Miranda; not feeling as if she is good enough. Imagine how unfulfilling it is for someone transforming you into a freak of nature and then keeping you at a lukewarm distance, when they probably understand what you are more than anything or any one else.

    Her daughters are the only ones in an immortal existence that come even close to having a close familial bond; as maybe Miranda will not reciprocate this back in the way she wants. This is compounded with them being the closest semblance to her legacy. They have lived with her probably longer than an average lifetime.
    We all need someone to feel vulnerable too; even if you are a murderous, supernatural being. These shortcomings are what makes her a good villian. She is after all, a victim of circumstance.


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