Riot is Trying to Remove Mages From League of Legends

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27 thoughts on “Riot is Trying to Remove Mages From League of Legends”

  1. Not only was it the removal of most AP items at the start of the season, it was the nerfs to existing ones:
    Seraphs shield was removed: all mages are squishier now
    Lich bane lost CDR: no longer as efficient for the item
    Removal of multiple magic pen items
    Overall nerfs to the AP of items
    Burst mages must forego burn and cc as the most core item was moved into mythics
    Battle mages have no good items
    Mana getting removed from most items
    Lack of options
    More MR items available (around 3 more non mythic items for tanks)
    And finally the forcing of zhonyas as it’s the only way you won’t die.

  2. it all start from the dawn of the game itself.. specifically about the stats.. build AD = stronger skills and AA, while build AP = stronger skills only. And since every champions started with some amt of AD and their skills scale of TOTAL AD (aside from few champs), at Level 1, AD is generally already stronger than AP.

    then come the PEN items, build AD = has % PEN, flat PEN, Lethality, build AP = has only 1 % Pen and flat PEN

    then come all those ridiculous items that benefit AD and making tank useless.

  3. i would say the theory about adcs being strong in a solo lane is what it is (for the akshan and lucian case anyway) cause their scaling is balanced for a dogwater duo lane. i dont know why they dont just make a adc+support specific item that fixes the xp difference. Then you buff jg xp, and now everyone will be the same level and shit would be easier to balance. with something specific like if you have smite then you cant buy it.

  4. if you want to see an improvement on ur mages then build this most gold efficient build (according to wiki) (ghost, flash sums for immobile champs) hullbreaker, warmogs, everfrost, nashors tooth, mejai's (sooner if 10 stacks), rabadons, in this order, elixer of sorcery.

  5. Mages and ADCs have basically the same kind of problem: They only deal damage in the late game, but they usually don't get any mobility or other utility (Unless you're playing Vayne with her fucking Q and Ult dumb shit) and they don't even have the highest damage or are the only ones with Anti-Tank options like True Damage, Penetration, etc. because Bruisers and Assassins both get more mobility, utility, CC, damage and Anti-Tank options while Tanks get to CC your for 5 seconds and deal 1200 damage, 200 of which is True Damage, in that time (COUGH COUGH DELETE AMUMU COUGH COUGH).

    Mages and ADCs basically get dicked by everything that isn't a fucking Enchanter.

  6. I'm glad there are other people speaking on the limited variety of AP items, especially in this video. That was one of the first things that caught my attention with the item rework, I play several different mages and yet felt I was building nearly the same item set for all of them due to the limited item diversity.

  7. Just today i was picking a mid laner in champ select and only had pantheon out of all the mid laners i've bought… and banned him so only had ap lmao, i wish ap was as op as ad

  8. bro at 4:22 when you show that clip, thats exactly where i first ever heard that catchline be used that every other youtuber uses now. and at the time i was like "damn dream u kinda right, i can unsub if i hate you" and i sub'd lmao. that dude had like 50k subs one day and several million the next



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