Riots Solution To Toxicity is to Remove All Chat From League of Legends…..

Riots Solution To Toxic is to Remove All Chat From League of Legends…..

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45 thoughts on “Riots Solution To Toxicity is to Remove All Chat From League of Legends…..”

  1. TBH I'm pretty indifferent about this change and I don't necessarily think its bad, all chat definitely isn't needed for anything. But I think it highlights an obvious oversight being that team chat is the source of most toxicity so figured I would poke some fun at it. Also its not too late to refund that demotion when I should've got loss prevention Riot….

  2. Everyone crying about all chat being disabled but this is happening because the majority of the league community is scum. They're removing it because they're literally out of options to deal with all the awful people who play this game so who's really to blame? The players.

  3. Sounds like a cop-out on just addressing the issues and taking more affirmative and direct action against toxic players. Personally, this irks me a bit as it means we can no longer compliment other players on the opposing team when they made a good play. (Yes, this does happen.) I've had positive experiences with opponents.

  4. riot is making some good tbh

    removing /all chat
    then later…
    – team chat
    – team pings

    so that voice comm will be used and have a conscious mind in saying somethin because they're interacting with the ppl more thru voice comm.

  5. when i read yesterday about the change i didn't think about this
    but today it hit me

    when people flame they often switch to all chat to seek validation from the enemy team often involving them into the toxicity

    in the games where the enemy team doens't flame eachother in all chat they do it in post game chat
    in other words this will reduce toxicity because a factor of the flame is removed

    also in low elo there is a lot of toxicity based on champs being picked
    there are a lot of bullshit matchups
    a lot of people get shitty junglers and some lanes get camped only by the jungler of 1 side
    there is a lot of flame due to all chat

    it seems like 5%? of the problem but it's probably around 50%+
    you also remove the x9 or better xlane wins flame
    or the passive aggressive ggez from an inter that got carried

    it for sure won't fix toxicity
    but all chat is a huge contributor to flame and people shouldn't be dismissing it like that

    i think there should be an option to enable all chat but whoever keeps it disabled should have it muted still
    and all chat flame should be bumped in severity for punishments

  6. Team chat is quite literally the reason why I haven't played summoner's rift since 2012, ARAM is where I spend most of my time. Riot opened Pandora's box of toxicity when they decided to force metas and player roles. The game is so fucking convoluted and actively harms you for trying to learn how to play, and it gets worse with every new update. I am not surprised veterans are toxic assholes when their jungle is lost deep in the sauce, support has more CS than the carry, and Mid is busy feeding the local Yi in river bush.

  7. This is the shittiest decision they’ve made. I always have a good time in /all chat with friendly people on the other team. Plus now I don’t get to coordinate stupid shit with someone on the other team. I built Braum in URF with mega HP and armor/mr and wanted to 1v1 the enemy poppy that was 27/1/14. They happily obliged and we had an epic 1v1 that lasted nearly half a minute before their and our teammates interrupted. Fun shit with the enemy team is gonna go out the window. Thanks Riot.

  8. the thing is, i never get mad about the enemy flaming me, they're the enemy, they want to make me mad so i lose, it's when the team is being toxic is when it's a problem
    90% of all chat interactions i see are someone saying to report a feeding or toxic guy on their team
    i've never seen someone be only toxic in all chat but i have seen a lot of times people that are only toxic in team chat
    i get that all chat isn't needed for "team coordination" but neither is team chat, unless you want to make yourself vulnerable for a couple seconds(enough for an assasin to kill you) you'll only be writing in chat if you're dead, pings are the only way to coordinate with non-premades and even that is often useless
    either they deleted both chats or leave all chat as it is

  9. Back when I played Hearthstone, one thing I absolutely hated was the lack of chat. In some misguided attempt to remove social interactions from a multiplayer game Blizzard took away my ability to have memorable matches. Hearthstone RNG tended to create completely unique situations and I couldn't even discuss them with the other person at the table. It hurts to see that China is streamlining their policy in all their holdings.

  10. When they say negative interactions they don't just mean you flaming the enemy team on allchat or vice versa. You can see this in your own games.

    Allchat is primarily used to complain about your own teammates. Whether you're to blame or not, you're going to go flaming on allchat and ruin the experience for 9 other players. The teammate you're flaming will then feel the need to defend himself on allchat and the game is doomed from that point onward.

    Seriously, the only times I've ever seen or used allchat myself, it was flaming teammates, arguments, flaming enemies, enemies triggering you while you're already tilted, and GG EZ DOGS.

    You should trust Riot as they probably do have the statistics of players who get chat restricted and are forbidden from using allchat. If their winrate is even 1% higher than normal, then removing allchat is most definitely worth it.

    I've been on the receiving end of multiple chat restrictions and permabans over the years. I noticed some time ago that I always play better when I'm chat restricted and that's why I full disable my chat now, not to mention I kind of have to when boosting clients' accounts because it's not exactly cool getting them D4 for example with a 14 day suspension stapled to it xD

    Goodbye allchat, you won't be missed.

  11. The All chat is the friendliest place sometimes, I cannot make Enemy Stand jokes with the enemy Sett, I cannot fucking stand this decision and I'm glad I stopped playing League because Riot clearly cannot stand "fun" as they removed the funnest build ever: 6 infinity edge Garen which 1 shots the ADC AND the MIDLANER!

  12. Riot gets all their ideas from Tyler1 stream where he disables all chat. Lol as if that makes any difference. I actually personally enjoy playing against a good opponent and compliment them on good plays which is enjoyable and honorable.

    Who compliments their teammates? Lol

  13. Idk i'm actually happy about this change.
    The things i see in all chat is report that and that and useless ego inflating banter.
    This way atleast when i /mute all i will know my teammates are more focused on playing rather than bantering in all chat.
    Ofc its not the source of toxicity but idk what you all expect from riot? ban them all? its safely to assume atleast half of the playerbase is somewhat toxic so do you wanna just sit forever in q?
    Riot does a lot of stupid shit but blaming them for our shitty community is so damn ignorant.

  14. As much as I agree your team chat is more toxic, don’t chat shit here and say that you’re happy talking to enemy’s. As someone who doesn’t even talk back to anyone all I do is watch people from each team arguing and going at each other calling each other scrubs and hoping that their mums get cancer. The real reason why you’re all disappointed is because you’re all just as toxic and secretly like the drama more than the game

  15. Enemy team in ranked when you’re feeding “hey I’m sorry you have to sit through this” Ally jungler who ganks when you’re oom and dies to your laner “I’m never ganking this guy again. POS mid laner”

  16. Ah yes,a Yuumi main Rioter once again shows how much she is connected to the playerbase by removing something that has been there for 11 years,thinking this is the solution to "toxicity" meanwhile people get their descendants insulted in team chat. Remove Summoner's Rift,that's the problem.

  17. Well that ´s Chinas influence there, disabling all chat is so fu dumb/sad.
    Most of the times Enemies are more fun,
    especially when u´re playing after Midnight u usually get just fun Teammates and Enemies.
    Now i can just see the whinning of my teammates …. well seems now it ´s rly time too leave that pisspit of a Game Thx fu China!


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