ROG Phone 5 Gaming + Heat test! Genshin Impact | PUBG Mobile | COD Mobile

The new ROG Phone 5 is here! The one we have comes with a Snapdragon 888 chipset with 16GB RAM + 256GB of storage.
Does the ROG Phone 5 overheat and thermal throttle? Let’s take a look here.
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28 thoughts on “ROG Phone 5 Gaming + Heat test! Genshin Impact | PUBG Mobile | COD Mobile”

  1. what the actual f…56c?? Even on rog 3 whenever i get 45c+ my heart skipbeat and its very uncomfortable to hold xD

    U think its the problem with sd888 series? Also about the cooler, its not peltier right only normal fan? So im guessing using peltier would ruin the phone back screen

  2. its a no for me if rog 5 still playing genshin impact without 90% 60fps. im currently using rog 3 and as i can see theres a small improment in fps. not worth the money if u are using rog 3. probaly gonna wait for rog 6

  3. tbh genshin on mobile is overkill no matter what phone u use rn not sure if its our device cant handle it or bad heat dissipation or maybe the developer didnt release a patch to optimize for mobile yet

    Edit:But if u have SD800+ series phone playing on medium 60 definitely the best rn to prevent overheat

  4. 50-55°C is actually not good for phones ya we might not feel the heat for this phone maybe because bad heat dissipation design?but think about whats happening inside the phone the chipset,components,battery they r basically microwave and slowly worn out

  5. ROG 5 FPS sama je ngan ROG 3, lgipun ROG 3 dah lebih dari cukup walaupun main Genshin Impact highest quality..
    ROG 3 aku varian 12GB RAM 512GB internal tak ada big improve kat ROG 5.. nasihat aku xyah upgrade.. yg aku geram sikit, ROG 5 ni ade pulak audio jack

  6. Just wow no any stuttering or lagging. My phone when the temperature reach 55° there will be stuttering and lags.. ROG 5 has beat all top smartphone whatever you are iphone samsung or any.. ROG 5 you are the king for me

  7. Bro, blh try genshin mcm ni tpi gune fan cooler blackshark pnye..nk tgk temp dgn berape bttry drain..mngkin blh view tmbh kot klu bwt yg gune fan cooler asus sbb mkn bttry..huhu

    Sekadar pandangan 😁

  8. Can u tell me whether the call quality of rog 5 is bad or not cuz someone said that it is not good. pls check it up for me as am planning to buy it.🙏 Love from india btw am your new subscriber ❤️


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