Royal Marine Reacts To The Exodite – Teaser 1 & 2! Warhammer 40k!

HERE WE GO The Exodite – Teaser 1 & 2! Warhammer 40k! These animations are INCREDIBLE! Let me know in the comments if you like my suggestion at the end of the video… Who should I start with, should I stream and paint?

The Exodite – Teaser:

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27 thoughts on “Royal Marine Reacts To The Exodite – Teaser 1 & 2! Warhammer 40k!”

  1. Just to provide some background/context, the Exodites were a group of Eldar who split off from the main group before the Eldar fell from prominence. In this case, the story may follow one example of this group as the rest of galaxy fights over its world.

  2. Luke look up my brother. Mathew Murphy Kane. He's a vet but went back in. But he will have time for you to aid in some painting tips or sessions

    Take it easy bud hope you make contact he has devoted his life not only to HMAF but to modelling also becoming pretty infamous in the games workshop scene.

  3. I rememer the first time I was introduced to the Tau. The store I got my minis from had a big Manta set up on display in the middle of the store. Was blown away.

    I may be an unwavering Guardsman main, but damn are the Tau cool.

  4. The Exodite Project is going to be a 3-way battle between The Aeldari Exodites (basically badass space elves who choose to live a harsh, primitive lifestyle), the Imperium, and The Tau Empire. Whenever it comes out it is gonna be sweet!

  5. If you are goint to piant you need to remeber two Mayor things,

    – Thin your paints (if you don’t understand Search it upp)

    – take your time , the resoult is always better it you don’t rush it

  6. Since Exodites refers to the Eldar race, and it seems to be a blind spot for you, one can assume the first traillers where Eldar troops, possibly Banshees with their bone-white armors… And since it would take a Titan to destroy a Titan, and that Warlord is (was) the second tallest in the Imperium, only something taller would shoot it from that higher angle; the Eldar have one of the tallest around, the Phantom class, with weapons that can hit that hard! Since the Exodites are colonist, and the Tau seems to claim an habitable planet, we might see a 3-way conflict brewing if the Imperium also claims that world! (and you don't send Titans and Space Marines for something less important)

  7. In terms of getting into playing 40k and lockdowns being a thing, could very much recommend checking out the old 40k tabletop RPG's like Dark Heresy and the like from Fantasy Flight Games (figured since you mentioned D&D briefly earlier). They are unfortunately discontinued in print these days but can still be obtained in PDF-format fairly easily (I know Humble-Bundle has had several campaigns for the various systems from time to time) and there's still a pretty decent playerbase online to my knowledge. Loads of kickass lore in there aswell, raised my appreciation of 40k big-time when I got into it and Iwas already a fan.
    All that said cool to see you're liking the universe, enjoying these reaction videos!


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